KOTOR Remake Reportedly Has A New Developer, Isn’t Delayed Indefinitely

A few weeks ago, we learned some disturbing information about KOTOR Remake. According to a recent Bloomberg article, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake’s production was not doing so well. And it is claimed that the developer Aspyr was no longer involved in the project.

The report said the Knight of the Old Republic remake failed to meet the requirements of Sony and Lucasfilm and had to be “delayed indefinitely.” This led many players to think that the project was shelved. It may not be as scary as we expected, though.

Embracer Group’s new financial report throws new insight into the delay. According to the report, Embracer moved one of the AAA projects to another studio, and the publisher does not anticipate any delays. They also ensure that the “requirements” have been set high enough.

While there is no mention of Knights of the Old Republic and its developer team, we can assume that it includes KOTOR. According to reports, Saber Interactive, known for Evil Dead, World War Z, and SnowRunner, is currently in charge of the project.

Saber Interactive started developing the game with Aspyr in May. However, it may have completely taken over the game’s development. Saber described the remake as “a massive, massive product,” and it would require “a lot of effort and time to make good.”

The game was announced for PC and PS5 almost a year ago during PlayStation Showcase 21. There is only one trailer for the Knights of the Old Republic remake. And it is not yet known how extensive the remake will be and how much of the nearly 20-year-old game has been modified and preserved.

The KOTOR Remake’s release date is also a mystery. Well-known journalist Jason Schreier said in a tweet that the switch in the development team would cause the game to be delayed. Some sources claimed the game should not be expected any closer than 2024-2025. Also, a previous Bloomberg report said the game’s release date will extend to 2025.

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