Kingdom Hearts 3 Orchestra Trailer Has Been Leaked, A New Villain?

A new Kingdom Hearts 3 Orchestra trailer has been leaked which shows us all the famous characters in the game inluding a new villain.

We did see Kingdom Hearts 3 make a big appearance during the Microsoft’s E3 press conference with a brand new trailer but that wasn’t all.

After that, Kingdom Hearts 3 Orchestra event was held for the game which brought us more details about the game except for a new trailer which was supposed to be only shown in the private for now but it has now been leaked.

It’s an off-screen recording of the trailer with a really bad voice quality and lasts for 52 seconds to be exact. The new character which can be seen clearly from the leaked trailer is Randall Boggs who you might know from the “Return of the Keyblade”.

He does look like a lizard with purple and blue skin giving him a perfect look to be one of the villains in Kingdom Hearts 3. Randall will be the first Pixar villain in Kingdom Heart franchise.

Other characters confirmed in the game includes Elsa, Wreck it Ralph, Rapunzel and more.

So check out the trailer below and tell us about your favorite character in the comments below.

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