Kingdom Hearts 3 Little Chef Bistro Mini Game Guide – Grand Chef Keyblade, Tips, All Recipes

In a world brimming with energy and riddled with activities to engage in, mini-games are just the tip of the iceberg that will slowly ease you off into other challenges. With that said, it is a tip worth checking out because of the various rewards associated with it. Below, we discuss Kingdom Hearts III Little Chef Bistro Mini-Game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Little Chef Bistro Mini-Game

The Cuisine Mini Game or that associated with Chef Bistro is first unlocked after you rescue the Little Chef in Twilight Town.

Now, every time you pay a visit to Chef Bistro you can cook a meal and subsequently unlock the cooking recipe on your Gummi Phone.

From a diverse and varied range of dishes and cuisines, you can cook multiple ones that grant different boosts and buffs temporarily. The effects include HP or MP bonuses, or buffs to the stats concerning Strength, Defense, and Magical.

Thus, the buffs are particularly useful when you have to face a horde of tough foes or a single boss enemy.

The ingredients, as asked for in the recipes, are gathered from a whole lot of different sources. These include fruit bowls, takeout boxes and even some materials enclosed in bubbles.

Furthermore, some ingredients can also be purchased from Moogle Shop in Twilight Town.

For a detailed and comprehensive guide on the different cooking recipes, the associated buffs, the ingredients required and the location for these materials, check out our Cooking Recipes Guide.

How to Play

Every mini-game associated with cooking a meal involves correctly timed button presses or flicking the stick in a precise manner.

With every unique dish, you will be treated to a unique mini-game. Each section carries a time limit that is indicated by the hourglass at the bottom right of the screen. Generally, most of these mini-games will comprise of the following sections.

Chopping With the Knife
Simply flick the left stick in the downwards direction as quickly as you can. Then soon after you have done chopping up an ingredient, move onto the next one by flicking the right stick down.

Cracking the Egg
This section requires delicate handling of the left and right sticks of the controller. To pull the eggshell apart, carefully push both the sticks apart so you are neither too gentle in your approach nor rushing it.

Press LB+RB/L1+R2 at the exact moment you see the pink swirls, indicating you have cracked the egg.

Flambé Using the Fire
The particular section prompts you to rotate the left stick at a gentle speed until again you are able to observe the pink swirls at which point, you are required to hold down the right stick.

Shaking Up the Pepper
The only trick here is to press the left and right sticks down when the Pepper icon is just inside the circle, so the shape just encloses the peppershaker inside and serves as its “edge”.

That is about it fellas. Get to cooking and savor every bite you take!

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