Kingdom Hearts 3 Link Summons Guide – How to Use, Summon Abilities

The many features that continue to bring dynamism in the combat of Kingdom Hearts III and keep it fresh are unbounded. One such mechanic is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Link Summons that utilize the abilities of other powerful characters from other worlds to aid Sora and his party in battles.

KH3 Link Summons are allies that aid Sora and his party. Learn how to unlock and use Link Summons and the unique abilities they bring in Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Link Summons

Link Summons is a special feature that you can utilize in the midst of combat to call out one out of five characters that belong to totally different worlds.

Once you have summoned them, you get hands on different abilities for a short duration of time. In such a state, you are given partial control of these characters and their move-set, while also retaining that of your own one, Sora.

When you summon a character in Kingdom Hearts III, your two main meters are altered. The Health Points (HP) meter is fully replenished so a Link Summon is always a good strategy to get out of trouble especially when your health is critically low.

However, this comes at the expense of complete depletion of your Mana Points (MP) bar. Therefore, always use the Link Summon not just for the boost in combat, but for the strategic importance.


Here are all the characters and the associated effects that you will be able to acquire temporarily with the Link Summons feature in KH3.

1. Ariel

The iconic character from the Little Mermaid series can be summoned with the “Sea Spectacle” link. This summon allows you to balance your combat between a defensive and an offensive approach.

Both Sora and Ariel will take turns to always have one above the ground to attack enemies, and one below the ground like a dive attack, who would be immune to any damage taken. The Finisher is a wide area water attack.

2. Meow Wow

With the “Wonder Balloon” Link Summon, you get access to Meow Wow that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

During this summon, you can ride on the creature and cause small tornadoes to cause wind damage to the enemies. The Finisher sees Meow Wow burst into smaller stuffed toys causing area damage.

3. Ralph

The “8-Bit Blast” link allows you to summon Ralph from the Wreck-It Ralph series serving as a purely offensive option in battle.

With his building expertise, he will help you construct cannons that you can utilize to rain fire on the enemy, even from long distances apart. Furthermore, his standard melee attacks are also great for close combat.

Lastly, his Finisher allows him to utilize built blocks to cause explosive area damage.

4. Simba

Let Simba (he is from the Lion King, you would be too young not to know him) loose with the “King Flair” summon link and set ablaze all your foes.

Due to his increased mobility and fire attacks, all those susceptible to this status effect will have a hard time in battle. His Finisher allows him to hop up in the air and then come crashing down resulting in a huge fire explosion causing area damage.

5. Stitch

All we know about Stitch, the popular character from the Lilo & Stitch series is that he can be summoned via the “Plasma Encounter” link.

We will share more details about this summon as they emerge. Be sure to check out soon for any updates!

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