Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Hercules Dolls Locations Guide – How to Unlock Hero’s Belt

There are different Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Hercules Dolls that you can find scattered across the World of Olympus in order to unlock Hero’s Belt in Kingdom Hearts III. After completing the Olympus World, you will have to do a small task that will let you lose some heat.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Hercules Dolls Locations

In Thebes, you will find Golden Hercules Dolls at various places. Collect these Kingdom Hearts 3 collectibles and you will be able to trade them later.

Finding these Kingdom Hearts III Herc Statues will help you unlock the Hero’s Belt. The locations to find these dolls are listed down below:

1. Herc Doll
The first Hercules Doll can be easily located. It is on the bench beside the minimap in the save point area.

2. Herc Doll
The second Golden Hercules Doll can be found on when you go through the stairs. You will have to surf down the roof as well to reach a giant statue. The doll is located in the circle area beneath the statue’s head.

3. Herc Doll
You will find another Herc Doll when you reach the garden area. You will see a building being renovated. Go inside the building and on your left, near the crate you will see the figure sitting on the bench.

4. Herc Doll
One more Hercules Golden Doll is right outside, in the garden, near the gazebo. You will find it inside the hole in the garden.

5. Herc Doll
Another doll can be found in the Alleyway, in a temple. Go inside the temple and when you reach the hall, you will find the figure near the boxes.