Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom Mini Game Guide – Where to Play, Tips

Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom is one of the mini-games Sora can play in KH3. Here are all the KH3 Classic Kingdom locations and tips to help you.

In a world brimming with energy and riddled with activities to engage in, mini-games are just the tip of the iceberg that will slowly ease you off into other challenges. With that said, it is a tip worth checking out because of the various rewards associated with it. Below, we discuss Kingdom Hearts III Classic Kingdom Mini-Game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom Mini-Game

Classic Kingdom games are basically akin to collectibles in how you can unlock a chest around the world of Kingdom Hearts III and acquire the challenge.

Once you have triggered the mini-game from one of the multiple chests, you will be playing the game via your Gummiphone. The games in question will be playable on the “Union Cross” app on the mobile phone.

There are 16 Classic Kingdom Mini Games out of which only 4 would be found outside of the chests and on the bulletin boards instead.

The first Classic Kingdom game you will play will be at The End of the World, which you will gain access to when you first land in Twilight Town.

After this first game, you can venture out to tick all the 16 Classic Kingdom Mini Games off your list for completion. Here are all the locations for triggering the mini-games.

Twilight Town

In this world, spawn at the fast-travel/save-point and take the left out on the street to reach a green bulletin board. Here, you will clearly observe the words “Now Showing” in neon lights.

The following four posters, each pertaining to a particular mini-game in a different world, can be found here on the bulletin.

  • Mickey the Mail Pilot
  • Building a Building
  • The Musical Farmer
  • The Mad Doctor

When all the Twilight Town is completed in its entirety, mainly the story-related tasks of the region, you get access to the “Giantland” mini-game as well.

Toy Box

Mickey Cuts Up
On the first floor of Galaxy Toys, interact with the bubblegum machine and use the symbols in the middle to ride the green spiral to the top of the building. From here, take a left to find the chest containing this mini-game.

Taxi Troubles
In the Lower Vent room, crawl across the vents and through the fan when it shuts down momentarily. Slide your way down to the save point and take a right from here to find the chest.

The Barnyard Battle: Proceed through the colorful tube in the play area of Kid Korral, and move into the one colored blue, white and yellow. As you exit this tube, you will come across the chest for the mini-game.

Kingdom of Corona

Camping out: In the Hills region, take the left route to reach a cave. Proceed through the cave as you hop across some rocks between the trees. Right at the end of the tunnel, you will be able to open the chest for the mini-game.

The Wayward Canary: As you begin traversing from the Wildflower Clearing, climb the wall on the left. Keep swinging around the trees until you reach the third one. The treasure chest is found around the branch region of the tree at the bottom.

The Carnival Kid
From the Thoroughfare festival area save-point, go straight ahead and then take a right to see some individuals swarming the chest. Move them away by selecting the “platform” option from the barrel there. Move in close now to get unlock the chest.


The following mini-games can be found within the chests riddled around Monstropolis:

  • How to Play Gold
  • Mickey’s Circus

The Caribbean

The following mini-games can be found within the chests riddled around the Caribbean:

  • Fishing Frenzy
  • Cast Out to Sea
  • Beach Party (on the Confinement Island)
  • Mickey’s Prison Escape (prison cells of Port Royal)


The following mini-games can be found within the chests riddled around Arendelle:

  • Barnyard Sports (in the Ice Labyrinth)
  • The Klondike Kid (in the are right before the Ice Labyrinth)

Some of the mini-games that you will be able to try from the aforementioned locations include:

Fishing Frenzy
This is a standard fishing game where the controller buttons control the lateral movement of your boat while the up and down buttons raise and lower your fishing line respectively.

The trick here is to try to catch the fish that lies as close to the seabed as possible since these will grant you a higher score.

This mini-game has you take on the giant with the controller buttons once again controlling lateral movement while all other functions are performed with the action buttons.

You first pull the curtain open and swing around the candles to try to reach the top and survive as long as possible.

Always time the press of your action button correctly and shake the pepper to trigger the Giant’s sneeze and blow the candles giving you a boost upwards and saving you from the Giant’s wrath.

The Musical Farmer
Utilize your quick reflexes to join pipes and let the eggs reach the basket without cracking.

The controller buttons help you control Mickey Mouse’s movement while action button will allow you to adjust the position of the pipes and pick up the baskets to replace them as soon as they are filled with eggs.

The Karnival Kid
Control the Disney characters’ movement with the controller buttons and the action buttons are responsible for arranging, cooking and preparing the food to present it.

Once you have initiated the cooking process for the hotdog, multi-task by arranging the other food. Once the hotdog is fully cooked, dress it with ketchup before serving it. This way you get the most points.

The Barnyard Battle
This is a challenge to see who comes above between Sora and Mickey, so you have movement and attack button for both characters.

The key here is to time the press of your hammer attack precisely so to hit the most enemies and achieve a decent score.

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