Kingdom Hearts 3 Might Get Character Customization But It Is Not A Priority

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development for quite some time and with the launch of Final Fantasy XV, we can expect that Square Enix will be focusing its efforts towards the upcoming game.

Not many details are known about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 but it seems that character customization might be featured in the game if the fans of the franchise want it.

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The character customization will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep which will be included in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation(via kh13), producer Tetsuya Nomura said that character customization might be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3 but it is not a priority.

We knew we could insert that feature into the game this time, but whether or not we can with [KHIII]…we have other priorities ahead of us so it depends on time, but we’ll look at the reaction with [KH0.2] and consider it.

Also, the game’s music will be composed by Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru. She has composed the theme songs for Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2. Her theme songs for these two games have been remixed and reused time and time again for the multitude of spin-offs and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Officially Square Enis has not revealed any details about Kingdom Hearts 3 but recently the packaging for Play Arts Kai Sora action figure was revealed which also leaked the story details about the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an upcoming action RPG in development at Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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