Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide – Techtropolis San Fransokyo

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide with all the map locations, collectibles, boss fights, tips, and everything that happens in the eighth chapter.

Welcome to Chapter 8 of Kingdom Hearts III. This Chapter will focus on the eighth world of Kingdom Hearts III: San Fransokyo. You may remember it from the movie Big Hero 6.

If you are looking for the previous chapter, you can find that in our Kingdom Hearts III Chapter 7 Guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Sora and the gang follow their heart and finally reach the advanced world of Big Hero 6. They coincidentally arrive in the same city as the protagonists from Big Hero 6: Hiro, Baymax, and Go Go.

Of course, this world is in trouble too. Heartless have begun appearing everywhere. Hiro, Baymax and Go Go are having trouble dealing with them on their own, so Sora and the gang must help them.

Welcome to San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo, more like San Franciso and Tokyo’s love child, is a massive city with a lot of scenery. Climb buildings, or just roam through the streets. There is a lot to do in this neo city.

As soon as you take control of Sora and the gang, defeat the group of Heartless with Baymax. These heartless should not be that different. Just hit ‘em in the guts with your Keyblade.

Find the AR Device

Head to the designated garage where you will find the AR device that is needed to somehow eradicate the Heartless from this town.

After obtaining the AR device, equip it and you will enter a Flash Tracer mini-game.

You can find out more information on the AR device in our Mini Games Guide.

If you are too lazy, just like me, the best way to complete this mini-game is to basically pass through the rings while defeating the enemies in front of you. Try to focus more on passing through the rings quickly, and less on defeating the enemies.

After getting out of the mini-game, the ultimate goal is to finally locate and defeat the Heartless that are on the roof of the building. You will need to use the AR device to do so. Finally, you will be battling a massive chick–shaped Heartless.

An easy way to attack the boss without being damaged too much is to climb onto the back of the boss and hitting your Keyblade on its head. Be careful though, the guy spits fire. Raw fire. From its back.

Heartless Chick Afterstory
After defeating the Heartless Chick, head towards the north area of the central town. There should be a T intersection here. You will find Baymax in trouble.

Help Baymax defeat the Heartless. After that, proceed to the roof of the Bank and head south area.

The Dark Cube

You will find the Dark Cube eventually. The Dark Cube can only be damaged when its core is exposed. Of course, it only does that once it assumes its heart form. The core will only rise up after the cube launches a flurry of punches.

Of course, you can find full information on our Boss Guide.

Damage the Dark Cube until it takes control of Baymax. You must now pursue the darker variant of Baymax. He will be flying and firing lasers towards you.

There will also be the occasional Tripmines and laser traps. Avoid these and you should be able to defeat Baymax pretty easily.

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