Kingdom Come: Deliverance Shields Guide

In this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Shields Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding all the available Shields in the game,

This Kingdom Come Deliverance Shields Guide will tell you all about the shields that are available in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We will tell you where you can find a certain shield and also tell you about its durability.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Shields

Shields are very important in KCD as they can allow you to block the enemy attacks. The better your shield, the better the chances of you being able to block the enemy attacks and then further instigate a counter attack.

Blocks completely stop all incoming damage from that particular attack and a quick counter attack can catch your opponent off guard, allowing you to deal tons of damage with combos.

Here are all the shields available to you in Kingdom Come.

Cuman Metal Shield
This shield will be dropped to you by one of the Cuman that you kill during the quest known as ‘The prey’. This shield is quite weak and not very durable. It further has four variants, all having the same attributes except for one. You can get your hands on these shield by stealing them from Cumans.

Lords of Leipa Shield
You can buy this shield from the Armoursmith in Rattay. This shield is slightly better than the Cuman Metal Shield but is still not ideal for any sort of skirmish at the higher levels. This shield comes in three variants.

Shield Decorated
This is another shield that is sold by the Armoursmith in Rattay. It is better than the Lords of Leipa Shield. It can be a good item but there are still some shields which are much more durable and better. This shield comes in two variants.

Heavy Shield
This shield is very durable and has a good amount of defense as well. However, it can sometimes end up being a little too heavy when compared to its competition. This shield comes in five variants:

  • Crest Variant: You can find this variant from most of the Armorsmiths throughout the game. Looting from the guards and bandits will also yield you this variant.
  • Blazing Heart Variant: You can get this unique variant only by killing Wolflin of Kamberg during the quest of Robber Baron.
  • Boar-faced Variant: It is a very rare variant and you might find it on bandits If you are lucky.
  • Golden Hand Variant: If you are lucky, you might get your hands on this variant by looting from high-level bandits.
  • Blank Variant: It is a very common variant found on bandits.

Bouche Shield
This is perhaps one of the best shields in the game. It is extremely durable and yet very lightweight. It is sold by the Armoursmith in Rattay. It has three variants with similar attributes:

  • Crest Variant: It is found on high level bandits with heavy armors.
  • 3-Bull Variant: It is also found on high level bandits with heavy armors.
  • Lords of Leipa Variant: It can be found on fallen soldiers during “An Oath is an Oath” while you are moving through the caste.

Black Shield
This shield is even less durable than Cuman Shield and Lords of Leipa Shield and this shield comes in two variants as well.

Boarback Shield
This shield is introduced in the “From the Ashes” DLC. You can get this shield by building a forge and then by improving Armorsmith’s tools.

Common Shield
This shield has extremely low durability and you can get this shield from the Blacksmith of Rattay. It also comes in two variants.

Devil’s Scowl Shield
This shield is durable and has a good amount of defense as well. However, it is expensive as compared to other shields. This shield was introduced in the DLC “A Woman’s Lot” and you can get this shield during the Infernal Dream quest by looting from the Fake Skalitz soldier.

House of Zoul Shield
This shield is lighter in weight and has a moderate defense as well. It is found in Band of Bastards. It has a twelve pointed star on it which represents the crest of the House of Zoul. You can get this armor at the end of the quest ”What Price Honour” from the Corpse pf Hagen Zoul.

Shield of Sasau Garrison
This shield is heavier and has lower defense and durability than the Shield Decorated. It has three variants.

Shield with crest
This shield is very cheap and has extremely low defense and durability. It comes in eight variants.

Shield with Talmberg crest
This shield is very heavy and has respectable defense and durability. It also has five variants.

Skalitz Shield
This shield is almost similar to the Shield with Talmberg crest due to absolutely same attributes. This shield comes in three variants.

You can get your hands on all of these variants by stealing from the guards of Sir Radzig’s camp on Merhojed during night as all of the guards will be asleep, and no guards will be on patrol.

You can also get this shield from some of your allies in Baptism of Fire. Two variants will be leaning against the tent poles in Hans Capon’s camp during the siege.

Once you have completed the Theresa’s story in  “A Woman’s Lot”, you will be awarded an advanced version of this shield.

Wooden Cuman Shield
This shield is extremely durable and has a very good defense as well. This shield has three variants:

  • Green variant
  • Yellow variant
  • Red variant

These shields have exactly same statistics as the Shield Decorated and can be stolen from the Cumans.

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