Kingdom Come: Deliverance Repairing Guide

In Kingdome Come: Deliverance, your Weapons, Armor, and Clothes suffer from wear and tear after prolonged usage, forcing you to repair them.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a huge RPG which pays attention to even the smallest details of the world. On your journey, you will wear, craft, and loot many different sorts of weapons, clothes, and armor and If you like a particular set of those items then you need to look after them as they will start to wear down!

We have here a nifty Kingdom Come: Deliverance Repairing Guide, which will show you exactly how you can repair and maintain all your favorite armor, weapons, and clothes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Repairing

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a huge RPG which pays attention to even the smallest details of the world. On your journey, you will wear, craft, and loot many different sorts of weapons, clothes, and armor. If you like a particular set of weapons, clothes, and armor then you need to look after it!

We have here a nifty KCD Repairing Guide, which will show you exactly how you can repair and maintain all your favorite armor, weapons, and clothes.

How To Repair Your Gear

Gear in good condition will not only protect you better and deal good damage but also make you look better in front of in-game characters. NPCs take notice of the condition of your gear and will judge based on their condition. There are different ways in Kingdom Come: Deliverance by which you can maintain and repair your gear.

There are different vendors located around the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They will repair your gear for you. They will cost you for it but it is one of the easiest of all methods to maintain your gear. In addition to this, each vendor can repair only a specific type of items.

Some will repair weapons, some only armor while some will exclusively look after your clothes. You must find vendors of all sorts so that you can easily go to whichever vendor you want to.

Each item has a specific vendor. For weapons, you must find Swordsmiths or Blacksmiths – they will keep your weapons in top condition. If you need some armor repaired, find an Armorsmith or a Blacksmith. Lastly, for your clothes, find a Tailor.

It is not necessary that you find all these three in the same settlement. Only major towns will have three in the same area. Some of the smaller villages or camps will not even have one of these. It is up to you to explore the world and find these vendors to avail their services.

The price these vendors charge for repairing your gear depends on the gear. Better gear will cost you a lot while cheaper and poor quality gear will not cost you much for repairs. In the long run, these repairing costs will increase too much. There is a way to eliminate these repair costs. We will discuss it shortly!

While we are on the subject of vendors, do not forget to check out our Haggling Guide that will help you get the best possible prices while buying/selling items.

Improve A Sword’s Sharpness

There is a small trick to further increase your sword’s sharpness for fighting. For this trick, you need to head to a Blacksmith and find his Grindstone. You can use this grindstone to increase your sword’s sharpness. Be careful here though, if not used properly, it can ever lower the condition of your weapon.

Once you are at the grindstone, start spinning the wheel using L2/LT until it has a good speed. Maintaining a good and steady speed is necessary because otherwise, slow speed will lower the condition of the sword.

Once you have a good speed, lower the sword on it using R2/RT. Once the sword touches the grindstone, the process will start. Now you need to find a sweet spot where you will see the most sparks flying out of the sword. You can use the right analog to move the sword up and down.

Keep moving the sword to the points where maximum sparks come out of the sword. Keep doing it for some time until you reach the sweet spot.

Once there, use the left analog to move the sword around. If sparks start to die down, use right analog again to move it to the point where sparks increase.

Continue until all the chips and pockmarks disappear. This will increase the sharpness and condition of your sword and it will deal greater damage during combat.

Self-Repairing Process

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you have a Maintenance Skill. This is the skill which determines your proficiency with repairing your gear and items. When you start the game, this skill will be very low and you will not be able to repair much items and gear.

You need to level up this skill as much as possible to make sure that can repair even the best gear around. Each time you level up this skill, it will unlock more and better Gear Repair ability for you. At the start, you will have access to repairing a few cheap items.

Keep leveling up and you will be able to repair major damage on even the best gear. However, do note that this will take some time.

At the start, you will have to spend some money to repair your gear but later in the game; if you have leveled up this skill up properly, you will be able to perform most repairs yourself if you have the necessary gear.

Since repairs can cost you a fortune in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, be sure to check out our Money Farming Guide by heading over to the page.

To level up this skill, all you need to do is find a Blacksmith’s grindstone and sharpen your weapons as explained above. This will help you level up your Maintenance Skill quickly and will make you proficient enough gradually to repair better equipment and gear.

There are different kits available in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that you can use to repair your gear as well. You get Armorer’s Kit, Blacksmith’s Kit, and Tailor’s Kit. These kits come in two variants i.e. a small Kit and a Regular Kit. Small Kits are used for minor repairs and break after some uses.

Regular Kits, on the other hand, can perform major repairs. Armor can be repaired with Armorer’s Kit, weapons with the Blacksmith’s Kit, and clothes with the Tailor’s Kit.

Apart from finding these kits from looting, you can also purchase these kits from vendors. These kits are very helpful in the later game, therefore, it is a good idea to invest in them.

This also reduces your maintenance and repair costs and once you are proficient enough, you can repair your weapons yourself without spending a dime. We highly recommend that you level up your Maintenance Skill as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Armor

If you keep your armor and clothing clean then you get a boost to your Charisma stat, and then your Speech Skill. This helps you improve your reputation by having better interactions with people. In order to clean the piece or armor that you are wearing then you must visit the Bathhouse of the town that you are currently in. This is costly so only do so if you haven’t in a while

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