Kena: Bridge of Spirits Stone Guardian Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to beat the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Stone Guardian Boss with viable tactics and strats

The Stone Guardian fight in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is pretty similar to your fight with the previous less-threatening Shrine Guardian. In this guide, we’ll show you how to better deal with the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Stone Guardian Boss and the minions that accompany him.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Stone Guardian Boss

The Stone Guardian in Kena: Bridge of Spirits will constantly be protected by endless waves of minions. However, there’s a neat little strategy that you can use to manage the fight, and effectively defeat the Stone Guardian by targeting its weakness.

Stone Guardian Attacks

There are several attacks that the stone Guardian uses throughout the fight. Let’s get the most basic ones out of the way, he has two melee attacks for close range, a huge stone-fisted swipe, and a forward-facing kick. Getting hit by both of these will send you flying.

Swipe Attack: The Stone Guardian will often use his huge stone-fist to swipe away at you. Effectively dodge this by moving out of the way as soon as he readies himself for the attack.

Forward Kick: A forward-facing kick. Getting hit by either the Swipe Attack or Forward Kick is going to result in some knockback.

Boulder Toss: Tosses a boulder at you from a distance.

Earthquake: The stone giant will create tremors by continuously smashing his hands into the grounds which will tear the ground open from where you’re standing.

Stomp: The giant will lay his foot down on the ground, causing damage in an AoE.

How to Defeat Stone Guardian

During the fight, miniature versions of the boss will spawn and hit you, try not to get caught in between enemies and deal with the tiny henchmen first.

Focus Ability
Use your slow time abilities to see which of the mentioned attacks the boss is using and dodge quickly. Also, for the melee attacks and the stomp moves, you can interrupt the boss in between by dashing out your own charged weapon smash/attack too.

Don’t forget to Jump!
For the moves where he sends tremors and explodes the ground beneath your feet, double jump and stay off the ground for as long as possible when he does this.

Use Ranged Attacks
Your best bet is to use ranged weaponry as much as you can. After the Boss makes his move, hurry in for some devastating melee damage but quickly get out of range too before his next attack.

Agility is a big friend here as the Stone Guardian can be slow at times. But some of his attacks are pretty fast and have quite the kick to them. So dodge, attack and dodge again, and you’ll soon have the boss on the ground.

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