Kena: Bridge of Spirits Shrine Guardian Boss Guide

Shrine Guardian is one of the 16 bosses and the 6th boss you’ll face in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. You’ll face him inside the Lantern Cavern right after defeating the Mage Boss. In this guide, we will show you how you can defeat the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Shrine Guardian Boss.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Shrine Guardian Boss

The Shrine Guardian Boss, despite being the toughest challenge you’ll face so far in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is quite an easy target to defeat.

However, the thing you should keep an eye on is his health as the Shrine Guardian is at an Expert/Master Health backed by the minions, he summons throughout the fight.

Shrine Guardian Attacks

The Shrine Guardian has a stacked arsenal of attacks. There are four main attacks that he uses to kill his opponents.  Below we’ve listed down the attacks that Shrine Guardian uses and how you can counter them.

  • Slash Attack
  • Spin Attack
  • Ground-pound Attack
  • Pink Tendril Attack

Slash Attack: Moves back a bit and slashes his opponents from right to left. You can dodge this attack by simply moving backward.

Spin Attack: A standard attack the boss uses quite often. To avoid the damage, simply jump aside since it’s easy to detect where he’s going to land the attack.

Ground-Pound Attack: Leaps in air and lands on the ground hard causing a yellow circle to form which deals Area-of-Effect damage to anything caught in its radius. Run away when you see him leap in the air to avoid the damage.

Pink Tendril Attack: Shoves his arms below the surface of the floor and summons Tendril from the ground that deals a lot of damage if you’re caught in it.

But he’s not finished yet as the tendrils explode as well, making this the most dangerous attack in his arsenal. Again, use the same strategy. Run away when he tries to execute this attack.

How to Defeat Shrine Guardian in Kena Bridge of Spirits

The fight starts off with the introduction of a plant-like beast known as the Shrine Guardian. The fight itself is simple however, the obstacles to go through are not.

Once the boss fight starts, the boss summons multiple minions who possess their own health bars. So, you’re not only going to fight the boss but also his minions as well.

What makes this fight tricky is that whenever you’re busy killing the minions, the boss lands a hard-hitting attack on you and once you’ve taken care of the minions, they’ll get summoned again within 30 seconds of their defeat which makes this fight a tad bit of an inconvenience.

Use your Spirit Bow
It’s recommended to use your Bow for this boss fight. Using your Spirit Bow focus ability helps a lot since it slows down time giving you a chance to strike the right spot that takes down a big chunk of the boss’s health.

If you look closely, you’ll see three yellow-colored orbs on the Shrine Guardian’s body. Keep aiming at the orbs using your Bow while using the Spirit Bow Focus ability.

This will make the boss shoot out an AOE. Simply run away, repeat the process to eventually defeat the Shrine Guardian, and receive three Rots as a reward for defeating him.

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