Kena: Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Collectibles Locations Guide

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the brand-new action-adventure game that hosts a variety of collectibles, some of which can be tricky to locate. Just for that reason, this Kena: Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Collectibles Locations guide takes a dig into the locations of all the collectibles in Kena: BoS.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Collectibles Locations

There is a total of 5 types of collectibles in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, namely cursed chests, hats, flower shrines, rots, spirit mails, and more. Our guide below will outline the location of every single one of these collectibles. So, let’s begin!

Forgotten Forest Cursed Chests

Cursed Chest # 1

At the south-eastern edge of the area, next to a pile of stones.

Cursed Chest # 2

Just to the east of the first flower shrine. You’ll need to solve a puzzle to reach it. Once on the location, step on the glowing plate to spawn three huge stepping stones in the stream ahead. Jump across them and then shoot the blue glowing tube to spawn another stepping stone.

Use this stepping stone to get to the elevated ground where this cursed chest will be sitting.

Forgotten Forest Hats

Hat # 1 – Taro

It will be right inside the first cursed chest.

Hat # 2 – Deer

You’ll have to complete a puzzle to obtain the Deer hat.

So, accordingly, head near the Sacred Tree, and you’ll find three glowing plates amongst the bushes. You’ll need to place a statue on each to complete this puzzle. Once all three statues are in their designed positions, you’ll be rewarded with this hat.

Hat # 3 – Acorn

To the east of the location of Rot # 4, you’ll find a hat cart at the edge of the cliff. It’ll earn you the Acorn Hat.

Hat # 4 – Purple Mushroom

Just to the north of the previous hat. Head to the cave behind the waterfall. There, you’ll find a chest containing this hat.

Hat # 5 – Sibling’s Mask

At the location of Rot # 5, there will be a green-colored target on the tree in front of you. Shoot it until it turns glowing blue. A chest will spawn on the elevation beneath it, containing this hat.

Hat # 6

To the east of the Sacred Tree, inside a chest, next to three carved stones.

Forgotten Forest Rots

Rot # 1

Just to the southwest of the first cursed chest. Its location will be marked on the map with a blue, thick ball. Once on the location, shoot the blue ball to collect it.

Rot # 2

To the right of the first mediation, you’ll find it atop a large stone.

Rot # 3

To get your hands on this Rot, you need to navigate to the Water Shrine and complete the puzzle there. The puzzle will require you to eliminate a couple of floating creatures. Once the second one is down, you’ll find the desired rot.

Rot # 4

To the north of the first flower shrine. Drop down to the hidden stream below the bridge and proceed ahead. In the corner, you’ll see a couple of glowing, carved stones. Next to them will be the desired rot.

Rot # 5

North of the Water Shrine, you’ll come across a broken, interactive bark. Head to it, solve the puzzle by shooting the four targets in the vicinity, and the desired rot will spawn.

Rot # 6

To the northeast of the Sacred Tree, at the topmost ledge of the treehouse.

Rot # 7, 8, 9

You’ll find them at the Sacred Tree as part of the storyline.

Rot # 10

To the far northeast of the Water Shrine, next to a tree in the dark.

Rot # 11

Near the location of Flower Shrine # 3.

Rot # 12, 13, 14

To the southwest of the previous rot. You’ll find these rots as part of the storyline.

Forgotten Forest Meditations

Meditation # 1

Head to the southeast of the Sacred Tree and drop from the bridge to the stream below.

Now, activate the puzzle by shooting the target in front. As a result, a couple of stepping stones will spawn. Jump across them and proceed ahead in the area where they lead you. Soon, you’ll come across a glowing space. That’s your first meditation spot.

Meditation # 2

To the northeast of Rot # 10. There’s a puzzle consisting of 4 targets. Solve it to find the meditation spot at the edge of the cliff.

Forgotten Forest Flower Shrines

Flower Shrine # 1

Just to the northeast of the Water Shrine.

Flower Shrine # 2

To the bottom of the same treehouse where you found Rot # 6.

Complete the surrounding puzzle to access it.

Flower Shrine # 3

Near the location of Meditation # 2. Solve the puzzle nearby to access it.

Forgotten Forest Spirit Mails

Spirit Mail # 1

South-west of the Water Shrine. Solve the puzzle here by shooting the three targets, and you’ll find the hat right below the third target.

Spirit Mail # 2

To the east of the Water Shrine, there will be a treehouse with a blue target beneath its stairs. Shoot it down and then climb up the top of the house. Once at the top, you’ll see another blue target on the opposite treehouse; shoot it as well and then jump to it and collect the spirit mail from its ledge.