Keeping PlayStation 4 Sales Ahead of PlayStation 2’s is Priority Says Sony’s Andrew House

Andrew House has been talking about priorities for PlayStation 4 sales, which are focused on keeping ahead of previous generation consoles.

It is fair to say that Sony are ending 2015 on a high, especially with the latest news of their deal with Hideo Kojima’s new studio. Andrew House who made the Kojima announcement has also been talking about PlayStation’s priorities in staying a success.

Talking to The Guardian Head revealed that keeping PlayStation 4 sales ahead of the PlayStation 2’s at the same point in its lifecycle is more of a priority than going up against Microsoft:

“We remain well ahead of the PlayStation 2 at the same point in its life-cycle,” he says. “That, to me, is almost more important than market share and rivalry with Microsoft. The question is whether you’re growing the category overall, and whether it is vibrant.”

On Microsoft and Xbox he also had some kind words to say about Phil Spencer:

“I think since Phil Spencer took on leadership of [Microsoft’s Xbox division], he has been very honest about their approach. He’s been, in a very gentlemanly way, complimentary about us in the past. But if you look at something like Augmented Reality for them or virtual reality for us, we’re both trying to build a category overall. At the end of the day, there is a shared goal of great experiences for gamers.”

This is a more positive view to have than most of the talk we often see of the “console wars” between the two companies. It also shows that the industry is changing for the better. While it may be down to the “defeat” of Xbox (which has not come) or just shifts in priorities but having a focus on what will benefit gamers is better than being the most dominant company.

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