John Cena’s Name Spotted in Minecraft: Story Mode Credits

John Cena's name makes an appearance in the credits for Minecraft: Story Mode, could this hint at him appearing in the game in some form?

Credits for games can hold many secrets for those who spend the time to read who worked on the game. Some names have appeared in the Minecraft: Story Mode credits that will raise a few eyebrows for fans of WWE.

Users on Reddit were the first to notice that John Cena has been included in the credits for the Telltale Game, this can be seen on the image below. Pay close attention to the bottom of the list though and you’ll also notice Randy “Cream of the Crop” Savage. Does this hint that Cena is in the game? Probably not, and Savage will definitely not be making an appearance.

For fans of Minecraft though, seeing John Cena’s name will obviously create some excitement. With Minecraft being aimed at a younger audience, this is where the WWE wrestler tends to have a fanbase. Older fans tend to not be so impressed with the Sports Entertainment Superstar due to his over exposure as a “champion” for many years.

Looking at the names included on the list, this is obviously the thanks the people who have worked on the games wanted to give, and they have obviously wanted to thank John Cena. As dorky as this may seem, it still seems to be popular with people who notice the name.

With Minecraft Story Mode still having a few episodes to go, it would be interesting to see if the WWE Superstar could actually be making an appearance. Even if it was just his theme music or one of his catchphrases such as “you can’t see me” it is sure to be noticed, just as his name has.


Would you be surprised to see John Cena turn up in Minecraft: Story Mode? Let us know your thoughts below.

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