How To Defeat Spawn Of Oggdo In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Spawn of Oggdo is one of the earliest bosses you will run into in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and is quite annoying but we can help you defeat it.

Remember that big toad from Jedi Fallen Order? You might have defeated it but its legacy lives on as you face another similar enemy, the Spawn of Oggdo, in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Similar to the Oggdo Bogdo, the Jedi Survivor Spawn of Oggdo boss fight is quite challenging and frustrating because of how early you can encounter this boss.

This creature is both strong and agile with a number of powerful attacks that can literally one-shot you in an instant. Defeating the Spawn of Oggdo requires patience, skill, good use of Cal’s abilities, and a decent knowledge of game mechanics.

Jedi Survivor Spawn of Oggdo location

Spawn of Oggdo is found in the Fort Kah’lin area of Koboh, on the upper right area of the map. Before facing Spawn of Oggdo, the game will test you by making you fight different Raiders and droids.

After reaching Fort Kah’lin, from the center of Fort Kah’lin, you will have to find a grappling tower to go ahead towards the metal platform. The metal platform is the door between you and Spawn of Oggdo but before you go and face him, you must fight the B1 battle droids.

Keep in mind that you must not stand on the metal platform since it’s a trap door and it will open the moment you step on the center of it.

Spawn of Oggdo’s attack pattern

Just like any other game boss, Spawn of Oggdo also follows a certain pattern and has certain types of attacks but it has so many of them that makes him the most difficult boss in Jedi Survivor yet. The Spawn of Oggdo has the following attacks, some of them have the glowing red indication;

  • Side bite: The weakest attack of Spawn of Oggdo which deals significant damage
  • Double Side Bite: This attack deals more damage and is always followed up with an instant jump grab
  • Ground pound: This attack is similar to Skriton’s  left claw round pound and deals significant damage
  • Instant Jump Grab (Red Aura Indication): This can one shot Cal and you will have to start all over again from Fort Kah’lin entrance.
  • Long Range Tongue Grab (Red Aura Indication): This attack is also one of those one-shot attacks which can even grab you from your heel and make kill you in an instant, the biggest indication is that Spawn of Oggdo will jump backward before this attack.
  • Split Second Back Bite (Red Aura Indication): This attack often comes when you dodge the Instant Jump Grab and try to hit him from his back. This attack is not a one-shot attack but it deals significant damage to you.
  • Volcanic Vomit: This is a panic attack of Spawn of Oggda and he only uses this attack when you rush at him very aggressively.
  • Running Jaw Grab: The most unexpected and yet another one-shot, instant kill attack which is the most difficult to dodge in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Now you have the idea of what Spawn of Oggdo is capable of and the pattern is followed in the first few minutes and after that, the whole fight is pure skill. Spawn of Oggdo starts off with two single bites and an instant jump grab followed by Split Second Back Bite, provided that you try to attack it from behind.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Spawn of Oggdo boss strategy

To defeat Spawn of Oggdo you can use the Slow Ability to create a window for your attacks and also use the Dual-Wielding Stance to stay agile.

The first strategy is to start running in circles and maintain your distance from Spawn of Ogddo in Jedi Survivor. The moment it glows red and attacks you with Instant Jump Grab, you have to jump and come behind it and deliver a single hit and jump away since it will try to hit you with the Split Second Back Bite after glowing red.

When it starts distancing from you, use the saber throw attacks to deal a little bit of damage to him. Don’t lose your guard since the Long Range Tongue Grab will come at the most unexpected moment and the only way to avoid it is by jumping the moment he jumps and lands on the ground to extend its tongue.

Once you become accustomed to the speed of Spawn of Oggdo then use the Slow Ability of Cal to deal massive damage and dodge away when the effect of Slow ability is about to end. Keep repeating the same pattern and don’t forget to keep running in circles.

The 2nd strategy requires you to lure two of the B1 battle droids toward the trap door and make them drop down. They will damage the Spawn of Oggdo and leave it with 25% health and you only have to hit it 4 to 5 times to kill him.

The last strategy is a gamble and maybe a game glitch but for the sake of gaming and defeating this unfair boss, it’s worth a try. All you have to do is that the moment you drop down, you will notice a chest on your left, go and position yourself behind the chest in a way that your right side and back are against the wall and the chest is laying right in front of you.

This will cause Spawn of Oggdo to stand still and you can easily kill it by throwing lightsaber again and again and again. Bit of a cheese and time-consuming method.

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