Star Wars Jedi: Survivor All Puzzle Solutions

Here are the puzzle solutions to all 27 puzzles that you are going to encounter during the main story campaign of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

You are going to encounter various puzzles while exploring each planet in the new Star Wars Jedi sequel. These mini-challenges require you to find puzzle solutions to open locked areas in Jedi: Survivor.

Some of them are going to be easy to solve but others can prove to be a bit tricky. These puzzles are also important because you cannot beat the game without solving them.

If you are one of the players who likes collecting rewards, then below we have prepared a guide that provides all the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor puzzle solutions that will bring you closer to your rewards.

How to solve all puzzles in Jedi: Survivor

There are several puzzles that need solving on each planet. Some will not be accessible from the start since you visit each planet multiple times during the main story campaign. In addition, some Jedi: Survivor puzzles need to be solved in combination to open the way forward.

Koboh puzzle solutions

There are a total of 16 Kobah puzzles required for you to complete in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Below we have given their locations and strategies on how you can complete them.

  • You will find the Tart Pit Puzzle at the Gorge Crash Site. You can solve this puzzle by hopping onto the platform and dragging the Roller Mine from the tar towards you. Using Force Pus, throw the Roller Mine to break the structure and raise the platform you are currently on.
  • Similarly, in Derelict Dam you will find the three sets of Derelict Dam puzzles that follow the same process as the Tart Pit Puzzle. Simply use the Roller Mine to break the structure to reveal a new path to progress through.
  • The Koboh puzzle is found at the Forest Array. In this puzzle, you must collect some purple orbs and place them atop the blur outlets to solve this puzzle. However, when collecting the orbs, make sure to take out the Stormtroopers patrolling near the blue outlet.  
  • In Devastated Settlement, you will find a set of three Laser Puzzles. These puzzles require you to activate three consecutive lasers using the purple orbs you collected. However, you may face difficulties when force-pulling the massive cube downwards.
  • The Moldy Depths Door is found at the Moldy Depths. For this puzzle, you must reach the central part of Harvest Ridge and enter the yellow gate using the rope near it. Follow the path towards the Moldy Depth. Now, your main objective here is to reach the end of the depths.
  • To head up to the peak of Harvest Ridge, you must solve the Barn Puzzle. This puzzle is found deeper into Harvest Ridge. In this puzzle, you must break into the barn, keep it open from the inside, and head to the top of the yellow tower to collect the King of the World Trophy.
  • At the Hunter’s Quarry, you will have to take part in the Hunter’s Quarry door puzzle. In This puzzle, you must remove the vines by collecting some purple orbs and placing them atop their matching outlets.
  •  In Foothill Falls, you will have to open the Melted door. To open the melted door, however, you must reach the top of the cliff and retrieve the Roller Mines and take it to the melted door. As it explodes, it will open the door.  
  • The Pit Droid Door Puzzle is found at the Gorge Crash Site. This is the same place where you used the Roller Mine atop the platform. There is a Pit Droid that has its ship stuck in the tar. You must free its ship from the tar to solve the puzzle.
  • In the Alignment Control Center, you must solve the Red Screen Puzzle. This puzzle requires you to complete all 7 Jedi Chambers in Koboh, making it one of the toughest puzzles to complete.
  • Rambler’s Reach Outpost holds a Puzzle as well. In this puzzle, you must use the Electro Dart to activate the generator and open the secret entrance.
  • The Vashtan Wolfe Puzzle is found at the Derelict Dam. This puzzle requires you to unlock the Vashtan Wolfe door by hitting the blue mechanism using Electro Dart.

Jedha puzzle solutions

There are 10 Jedha puzzles to solve in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Below we have provided their locations along with tips on how you can complete them.

  • During your search through Trailhead Pantheon, you will come across a puzzle that requires you to make your way through the entire Trailhead Pantheon. Doing your progression, you will be using force pull to pull metal walls to reveal tops that you can climb to escape the puzzle.
  • There is a Wind Puzzle found at the Whistling Drop. This puzzle consists of you gap which you must pass through. However, you must first block the gust of wind that prevents you from crossing the path. To do this, simply use Force pull to move the metal object.
  • Buried Refuge has a Door Puzzle in which you must use Force pull to remove the stone blocking the entrance. However, you must complete the puzzle before the entrance shuts completely.
  • A Green Laser Gates puzzle is found at the Buried Bridge. During this puzzle, you must perform your dash ability which allows you to go through the green laser gates preventing you from getting caught.
  • The Crypt of Uhrma puzzle can be solved by heading over to the cliff in Blustery Mesa. Here you will find a few pillars which you must pull until the one that opens the door gets pulled.
  • In Veiled Hangar, you will find the Cere’s Door Puzzle. In this puzzle, you are supposed to Force push the orb on the left and open the Cere’s Door. But doing so will close the gate behind you.  
  • The Wayfinder’s Tomb Puzzle is found at the Path of Conviction. There is a secret room in the Wayfinder’s tomb. You have to access this room which requires you to complete each of the three paths around the Arid Flats.
  • To complete the Path of Conviction, Path of Persistence, and Path of Restoration Puzzle, you must Force pull a couple of marbles to trigger the platform in the next area, completing this puzzle in the process. However, do note that each marble should be pulled in a correct sequential manner.

Shattered Moon puzzle solutions

There is only one puzzle on Shattered Moon that you need to find a solution to in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This is also another relatively easy puzzle to solve in the game.

  • In the Republic Research Laboratory, there is a puzzle that requires you to toss a purple orb atop the inclined platform in such a way that it reaches your room. You can place it in the outlet to activate the laser which can be used to reveal different paths. Do this until you face Rayviss in one of the paths.

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