How To Unlock Lift And Slam In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the Lift and Slam ability allows you to lift enemies and slam them into the ground. Here is how to get it!

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we are back in the shoes of Cal Kestis and resume our fight against the Empire. Aided by our trusty lightsaber and Force abilities, we can make quick work of anything the game throws at us. While most of the abilities from the previous game make their return in Jedi Survivor, several new ones have been added. One such ability is the Lift and Slam ability in Jedi Survivor.

As the name implies, it allows you to use the Force to lift an enemy into the air and slam them down into the ground. This allows you to do massive damage to an enemy and take them out of the fight quickly.

In addition to its offensive application, the lift and slam ability will also allow you to lift up heavy objects clearing your way.

For example, the Lift and Slam abilities can also be used to pick up the craft which has gotten stuck in tar on Koboh. This will earn you the There is NO Try trophy. Here is how you can unlock this ability for yourself.

How to unlock the Lift and Slam ability in Jedi: Survivor 

The Lift and Slam ability can be unlocked in Chapter 4. During the mission Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk, you will be accompanied by Bode. He will open all the doors using his backpack but halfway he will split up and you will have to traverse through the yurt barracks alone. 

After some time, you will confront Rayvis and after the cutscene with him, the path to the basement of the barracks will open. Down here you will find a door with two shielded turrets firing at you. 

Here, you will get the lift and slam ability after the flashback. You can use this ability on the shielded turrets and destroy them. Using this ability, you can also lift the guarded door. 

How to use the lift and Slam ability

When you have unlocked the Left and the Slam abilities, you can easily use them via the designated keys.

On the PlayStation, you can use the R1 and Triangle to lift an object and R1 and “X” to slam them into the ground.

On Xbox Series X|S, use RB and Y to lift and RB and A to slam into the ground. Lastly, on the PC use “CTRL” and “F” to Lift and “CTRL” and “Space” to slam. 

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