Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Dagan Gera Boss Guide

A High Repulic Jedi turned evil, Dagan Gera is one of the toughest bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, similar to Taron Malicos in Fallen Order. Locked away for hundreds of years until he is freed by Cal, you encounter Dagan at multiple occasions in the game, each fight being slightly different than before.

If you are struggling to defeat Star Wars Jedi Survivor Dagan Gera boss in any of these encounters, we are here to help with tips for each boss fight.

First encounter with Dagan Gera in Jedi Survivor

The first encounter against Dagan Gera happens on Koboh once you reach the Forest Array and free him from the Bacta tank. Dagan has a single arm in this conflict and wields a single lightsaber.

Phase 1

The first phase of your first fight Dagan Gera starts out with Dagan throwing his saber at you. Dagan Gera is quite a formidable foe, and being a former Jedi, he is well-versed in all your tricks. Dagan will be blocking all your attacks, and you need to break his stance and stagger him if you want to deal some damage.

Stay close to Dagan, otherwise, he’ll pull you close by using Force. The best way to manage is to land a few attacks, then jump back to take a breather, then go back to it. You need to be prepared to use every skill you have to make it work. 

Dagan has a number of basic strikes and sweeps, but what you need to watch out for is Dagan’s unblockable attack. Dagan Gera jumps and uses a sweep. The attack cannot be blocked or parried, making it extremely dangerous. The attack has excellent range and superb tracking.


Use the Force Push to deplete Dagan’s stamina and break his stance, and the attack can be used to perfectly counter Dagan’s ranged attacks and chains. Not only will he be interrupted, but you can also stagger him quite easily doing so.

Phase 2

After you have depleted half of Dagan’s health, you get a QTE cutscene. After the cutscene, the second phase of the fight begins.

The phase sees an even more aggressive Dagan, using multiple unblocking slams and sweeps. You should play defensively in this second phase. Keep your distance and don’t try to attack unless you see a valid opening, making an opening for yourself won’t be easy.

Use your Force to Push Dagan and break his stance to land a few attacks. If you are good enough, you can focus on parrying all parriable attacks to create good openings.

Keep on fighting Dagan Gera. Just as you are about to kill him and with Dagan’s last few health points left, you get a cutscene where he escapes, and the fight ends.

Second encounter with Dagan Gera

Your second encounter with Dagan Gera in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is when you have to Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk. The mission presents itself when you return to Koboh.

For the second encounter, Dagan Gera comes with a double-blade lightsaber, adding to his strength and honestly, coolness. 

Phase 1

The first phase of your second encounter with Dagan Gera comes with two unblockable attacks.

The first is a dash attack, where Dagan Gera runs at you and attacks. the attack is immediately followed up by an unblockable attack. You can block and parry the first attack but need to dodge the second red attack. if you manage to parry the first attack, you can stop the chain and retaliate.

The second attack has Dagan Gera jump up and slam the lightsaber on you. The attack’s hitboxes start when Dagan jumps, so you shouldn’t be close to the boss when the attack starts. As soon as the attack starts, you have to dodge away.

Other than these unlockables, Dagan’s first phase comes with a number of chains where he swings and spins his double saber. All of these are blockable, but blocking them will hurt your stance a lot.

Use the Crossguard stance for this fight. Your swipe attacks in the phase can deal a lot of damage to Dagan’s stance as well as ample damage. Furthermore, the swipe attack’s large hitbox also allows you to compensate for Dagan’s speed in this fight.

Dagan can also detach his double lightsaber into half and throw half of it at you. This attack can be retaliated if you quickly throw your own sword or use Force Push. The attack allows you to stagger Dagan for a few hits.

Phase 2

Again, at half health, phase 2 of the second Dagan Gera fight starts. Dagan becomes much more aggressive and powerful. Dagan Gera starts chaining his attack much more and uses multiple chains at once. At this point, Dagan’s chains are so vicious that if you get caught, a single chain can even kill you.

For this phase, you want to keep your distance and use Force to try and stagger Dagan. Your option in this phase is to use the Slow Ability and use the time you get for attacks. still, don’t risk it and create your distance before the effects of the ability wear off.

Keep your stims safe and use them as required. If you are confident in your skill parrying Dagan’s attacks will be extremely easy in this phase as Dagan attacks so frequently and often, a random block can also lead to an accidental parry.

Just as you are about to kill Dagan, a cutscene shows Dagan overpowering you and bringing a large falling structure on you. Just as he is about to win, Bode comes to help you, forcing Dagan to flee.

How to defeat Dagan Gera in Jedi Survivor (3rd encounter)

This fight with Dagan Gera, your third and last encounter with the fallen Jedi, takes place after your return to Koboh for the third time. This is the final fight, and you have Bode by your side when fighting Dagan Gera. Bode is a huge help in this fight.

This is the longest fight against Dagan Gera in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and spans over for 4 phases. Make sure you are well prepared, have unlocked as many stim upgrades as possible and have the correct stances and skills available.

Phase 1

The first phase is the same as in your second encounter with Dagan Gera. The combos, chain and timings are the same. The only noticeable is that Dagan will switch between targeting you and Bode.

The best thing about the fight is that whenever you stun Dagan, you can chain attack him with Bode, dealing higher damage than you’d deal alone. This is the best way to deal damage for this fight.

Bode’s abilities are also at your disposal. Using them will break Dagan’s stance much quicker and you will keep on stunning him and attacking him.

The first phase of this fight isn’t that difficult, so you should try to stay safe while attacking. Do actively focus on conserving your stims and healing items in this phase.

Phase 2

The second phase starts after a quarter of Dagan’s total health has been depleted, which isn’t much since your combo attacks with Bode deal a lot of damage. For the second phase, Bode leaves and you return to a one on one fight with the fallen Jedi.

The second phase sees Dagan using a shield to protect himself. The shield is used to protect his unblockable attacks, and your window for attacking or using the force to stagger Dagan for his unblockable attacks is now gone.

Now, you have to use Force to push Dagan and try to interrupt his attacks. these attacks will slow down Dagan and allow you to fill up his stun meter. Since Dagan can use a shield now, you should be ready to dodge away from him at a moment’s notice. Don’t keep on trying to push with your combos as they might become your undoing.

As you deplete Dagan’s health, you get a chance to end phase 2 immediately. A cutscene and QTE allow you to damage Dagan’s stance. The QTE is followed up by an attack. Parry this attack, breaking Dagan’s stance and your next attacks will quickly wrap up Dagan’s second phase.

Phase 3

With the third phase of the third Dagan Gera encounter, Dagan will turn the tables, and spawn clones of himself. You enter a three versus one fight. At this point, Dagan will hold back and his clones will attack you.

You cannot damage the clones and the only way to get rid of them is to stun them and hit them to make them disappear.

When you defeat Dagan’s clones, he will absorb their energy himself and once all the clones are defeated, Dagan will unleash a shockwave that spans the entire arena. The only way to avoid the attack is to jump over the shockwave. After the attack, Dagan is left open for a while for you to attack.

Dagan gets a new jump attack, but this one is blockable and you can punish it by using the Force or parrying. Lastly, Dagan can now summon orbs that will home in on your location. Don’t block them, just start running in circles to avoid getting hit.

Keep attacking Dagan on every opening you get. Dagan is on the defense in this phase, so you need to become the aggressor.

Phase 4

The last phase, the last fight, the last battle. The 4th phase of Dagan Gera boss fight in Jedi Survivor starts with another QTE session. Same as before, damage Dagan’s stun gauge by winning the QTE, and parry the next follow-up attack to get him.

Dagon tries to summon his clones again in this phase. However, unlike the last phase, he takes a lot of time to summon them now. This leaves Dagan open for multiple hits. Dagan is also weaker in this phase and is again, focusing on defense and depending on his clones.

You can use this to your advantage, and bash at Dagan. The phase is the easiest to get through since you won’t be troubled dealing with extensive attack chains. Dagan cannot escape, and you finally get to kill the former fallen Jedi now, ending it once and for all.

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