It’s Time to Talk About GTA 6, Rumors and Speculations

We might be a little far from it but there are certain rumors worth discussing based around GTA 6.

Okay so we have known since a couple of months now that Rockstar is serious about churning out GTA 6; they revealed that developer already had some good ideas about it back in February.

On the flipside, they are making sure you don’t get any information about it (at least from the official sources) until they are ready to share it with you. We can also see the developers releasing DLC packs for GTA 5 meaning they still want to reap whatever is left from it.

However, GTA 5 being replaced by GTA 6 is something that is ultimately going to happen and if we look a little closer we might even be able to get an idea of how it is going to shape up.

There haven’t been many, but some rumors combined with community speculation have got the grapevine running with regards to a few things. For instance, three varying opinions have been shared when it comes to the location of the game. Some of them suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take you back to Vice City, while others suggest that the game is going to take place in a new country altogether.

Similarly, Leslie Benzies of Roockstar had stated something that could be regarded as a hint at the future of the game back in February while discussing the setting and missions. He had said that “you’re doing different things in LA than in New York or Miami.”

So there is that, and I believe that last part has the most chances of turning out to be true.


On the other hand, of course, if the game is set in Vice City that would excite a lot of the longstanding fans because it might mean the iconic Tommy Vercetti could return to the limelight.

Staying on the topic of protagonists, the developers have dropped another hint some time ago. When inquired about the possibility of a female protagonist Dan Houser had said “of course. We just haven’t found the right game for it yet, but it’s one of the things we always think about.”

Now we know they have a lot of time to do that, and we have also noticed the shift towards a greater number of female characters being included in the game (in comparison with the past), suggesting that GTA 6 could be the ideal time for Rockstar Games to do the same.

Needless to say, it would only be true if the game has more than one protagonists. So the way I am looking at it, three or four protagonists with one female choice could be what they end up doing.

Let me just add one more thing to the rumor mill here, it could be that three protagonists from three different cities i.e. LA, Miami and Los Angeles make it to the game following the same pattern that GTA 5 did where you choose either one of them at will. The feature was highly approved so I doubt seeing the next installment without it.

I kind of loved being able to train my character at the gym and control his physique in San Andreas; call it wishful thinking but it would be awesome if rumors of that feature’s return turn out to be true in Grand Theft Auto 6.

While there are many other “wishful thinkings” and rumors, lets get down to the last part; release window of the game. GTA III had come out in 2001, while GTA IV took seven years after that and came out in 2008; however, GTA V made it out in 2014. Now we need to understand that with the advancements in technology it is bound to take them less time but a good AAA title takes about 4 to 5 years. Based on this and the fact that Rockstar Games wouldn’t want the new generation of gamers to wait for too long, I think we are looking at a 2018 release.

Got more speculations or rumors about GTA 6? Comment below, lets get this conversation going!

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