Italian Retailer Taking PlayStation VR Preorders for €500

A retailer is offering PlayStation VR for €500 and allowing refunds if the original price is lower. You don't pay more if the original price is lower.

Sony Computer Entertainment is yet to reveal the official price of PlayStation VR but we have a wild guess. According to the last reports, Andrew House was suggesting that the virtual reality headset is going to cost you about the same as a new PlayStation 4 i.e. approximately $400.

However, an Italian retailer is currently taking preorders of the head mounted virtual reality gadget for a price tag of €500. This roughly translates into $550 at the current exchange rates.

They also have an interesting offer beside it though. The retailer is promising that since the official price for PlayStation VR has not been announced, they will allow you a refund if the actual price is set below €500.

On the flipside, they are also offering that if the price of the virtual reality device is set above that, you will still be paying €500; the retailer will not charge you anything extra.

This might appear to be a good offer at first, but in all honesty, they aren’t really offering you any savings. This is because we are pretty much certain that the PlayStation VR is not going to be priced as high as $550.

Of course Sony will have to first reveal an official price in order for our speculations to be true, but in the meanwhile, you could take up this offer if you have slightest of doubts about the VR set being priced much higher.

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