It Takes Two Rose’s Room Walkthrough

In this walkthrough, we will help you get through all the puzzles and minigames of Rose’s Room level of It Take Two step-by-step.

It Takes Two Rose’s Room

The first chapter of Rose’s Room is the pillow fort. You can move in that fort and head forward whenever you want. Just after a while, you will hear the tap of the tambourine close by and you are going towards the first minigame in Rose’s Room.

Just go ahead and you will find a pillow from which you can go above and find the tambourine floating above. This is a minigame called Tank Brothers.

Tank Brothers

To play this minigame, both May and Cody have to interact with the Gameboy. At the start of the game, you are both in charge of the tank and hit the other player three times.

You can move the tank with the right stick and then take aim and shoot. The first win to make three hits will win this minigame. After that, you can explore the area for different things like a lava lamp. To go forward, you have to go beyond the globe.

Move from the corner of the globe and you will see the path going upwards and forward. The path going up will take you to the small room with action figures from A Way Out, a game made by the same devs.

After that, you have to continue forward, and you will reach a big room. Here you will see a constellation globe and lava lamp to interact with. Once you are ready, interact with the joystick in front of the TV and after that, you need to complete some minigames for moving forward.

After completing the minigames, you have to repeatedly press the triangle button. This hack will work successfully and a cutscene will be played. Here you get to meet an astronaut Baboon. This will take us to the next chapter called Spaced Out.

Spaced Out

You will come here, after meeting with Moon baboon and it the second main area of Rose’s Room. This is a spaced theme place. Here May has a boot and she can walk upside down, and Cody can shrink himself. Cody can also grow himself.

Move forward, you will see a door of fire and both of you can’t pass it. To move forward, May has to go to the yellow path and reach the ceiling by moving upside down and go to the door and pull it up. Now Cody can shrink in size and walk from the small opening.

After that, reach for the big red button. Cody needs to press it and a path forward will be revealed. Here you will also find a robot. Now Cody has to shrink as much as possible for going inside the robot from the right arm.

Inside he will find a battery which he has to push to the proper place then May can pull the lever in front of the Robo. This will help you in taking you up the cylindrical pathway with the help of an energy field.

Here you will see a perimeter around the cylinder from where you can shoot three rockets just for fun. You can also destroy a security camera here. After that, you can jump into the cylinder and press X for rising.

Through that portal, you will also find a minigame called Spacewalk.


Go through the portal and in the room, Cody and May have to press triangle on the small square and the game will be started. In this game, you just have to jump on the squares to collect the points, and after 60 seconds, who has the most points will win the game.

After the minigame, you have to float up till you see more portals. There you have to interact with yellow stars to blow them. You will not get anything for that.  After that, you have to enter the portal with plates and cups floating in the air. This place is known as the Space portal.

Space Portals

You have to go through three portals to proceed in the game.

Green Portal

In this, the game becomes a 2D platformer. Both May and Cody have to go through the wall to the wall by jumping and reach the top. May has to walk along the yellow path so she can walk along with the ceiling.

When you reach the lasers, both May and Cody have to pull their levers. This will move the platform and they can jump over the lasers.

Now will find three red and yellow accordions. Here Cody must ground pound on the first one and then the farthest on the right side. May has to jump from the first to the second and after that ground pound it.

This will make it rise and Cody can jump to the third. Ground pound it so May can also move forward. She has to crouch and Cody has to shrink so they can keep moving.

Here you will see a wooden seesaw. Both May and Cody have to ground pound both sides at the same time. This will flip them, May will up and Cody will be down.  After that move forward and reach the next section of the 2D puzzle.

Once you see a large wheel, Cody has to rotate it and May have to stand on the red platform in the right corner. Charge it up and then release it. Now May has to reach the right side so she can catch the ceiling.

After that, Cody can jump and both can move ahead. Move forward by pushing the blocks to the coffee cup. After that, May has to ground pound the coffee cup so Cody can move forward from wall to wall.

After that, he needs to shrink to move forward. Moving forward, Cody will find a hook that he has to hold and May has to grip it from the other side. Now he can take May along with him by pulling her.

After that, go to the next hook and again hook on the same one as of May and pull her. Continue doing that and you will find a Walkway.

Here you will find another robot again. Enter the robot and push the battery and May have to pull the lever. Now both of them will again reach the portal.

Now it’s time for Red Portal, the second of the three Portals you have to go through.

Red Portal

In this portal, you will see some rails and you can jump on them from any side. When some planet is near the rail, they have to try to jump onto that planet. Go through planet to planet till you find the nearest rail.

Ride that rail till you find the large square arena with planets. Now may has to reach the red planet hanging through a string near the green one. Cody has to push the planet and maybe on top.

Now May has to jump from the planet and Cody has to push so she can jump onto the tower nearby. Now May has to go through the yellow path to the blue side of the tower and the red button.

Here Cody should see a blue wall with stars and May can ground pound the red button. May has to ground pound the red button so the rectangles can stick out a bit and Cody can jump onto them.

Like that, Cody has to reach the top. Cody has to shrink and push the battery inside the robot and May has to pull the lever. With that red portal is also completed.

Now it is time for the Third portal, which is the Purple Portal.

Purple Portal

In this portal, you have to continue to move till you see a tesla ball, and after that, jump onto that and roll it to the other side.

Now May has to use the purple pads for jumping onto the other tesla balls. After that, Cody has to push the ball to the wall. Now she can jump from ball to ball and open the wall by hitting the switch.

Now Cody can push the ball through but have to wait for May to get to him. Cody has to push the ball to the end of the path so she can jump onto it and climb the wall. Here you will find a see-through cube next to the robot.

May has to drag it so Cody can shrink so she can drag it easily. After that, May needs May has to go to the side of the robot along with Cody. Cody has to shrink and get inside to push the battery. May has to pull the lever. With this, all three portals will be completed.

After that, you can go through three more portals in the following order: Grey Portal, Orange Portal, and Grey Portal with the Cube above It.

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