Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatibility Image Leak Looks Fake

Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatibility is most anticipated and that is probably the reason, a rumor or two surface about this game every now and then. What we have today is a probably fake image that teases Red Dead Redemption backwards compatibility.

Why? We know that Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatibility was held back due to licensing issues. Even if licensing issues were resolved, the image that teases its comeback looks like a classic tilted fan made fake that we have seen in other similar cases.

That is a 6.7GB of hope delivered in the most unconvincing way imaginable.

Another kicker is that the thumbnail icon you see has Red Dead Redemption box art but Xbox One users would know that thumbnails of BC titles normally have Xbox 360 clearly mentioned on them.

However, in this case there is no such mention at all, leading us to our original assumption that it’s a FAKE.

Backwards Compatibility

I understand that fans want to play this game on Xbox One but take this rumor and more that will most likely follow this one with huge grains of salt.

Previously, we came across a similar image which indicated that Call of Duty Black Ops is coming to Xbox One BC but that image looked more real than this.

On a related note, Microsoft recently made some changes to the way players launch and play BC games. Rather than adding games on a monthly bases, Microsoft will now add titles as soon as they become available.

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