Is Sumo Digital Working on Crackdown 4?

Sumo Digital is expanding its team, looking forward to new opportunities. The studio has only recently started recruiting in bulk for their next projects, including an unannounced third-person action title, making everyone think that Crackdown 4 might be already in development.

Right now, Sumo Digital has more than 80 listings on its official website, ranging from programmers to animators to artists and more. It’s only natural for a big game to be coming our way with such a huge team forming up. It’s still early to say whether it’s about Crackdown 4 or a new Forza game, the opening listings do have some details to share on that matter.

Most of the descriptions state that applicants will be involved in creating characters. Creating dialogues, backgrounds and models are only some of the detailed characteristics, something that can’t be about Forza. While we do want to start the hype train about Crackdown 4, the case is far from obvious.

In addition, Sumo intends on working with motion capture and 3d graphics. The studio’s two teams must be working on two separate projects, one of which is an unannounced third-person action title, which is in development by Sumo Newcastle.

The listings also require practice with current-generation platforms, which is unconventional. Can the studio ship a title in 2020 right before the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles?

Last month, Chinese behemoth Tencent bought almost 10% of Sumo Digital’s shares, making this a clear reason behind the expansion. Ten percent is 15 million shares of the studio, giving the team the power to start working on something huge. Although details point to Crackdown 4, the studio could be looking at a new IP to broaden its portfolio of shipped games.

Whether Sumo Digital is working on Crackdown 4, a new Forza game or something else entirely remains to be seen. However, it’s always great seeing studios go out of their way to ensure they stay busy and productive in the industry. On that front, we should expect great things coming from them.

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