Is Local Multiplayer Coming to Scalebound?

If the Xbox Store is to be believed Scalebound is going to provide local multiplayer. With no official confirmation, is there any truth in it?

At Gamescom 2015, Microsoft revealed that Scalebound would allow for 4 player co-op. If a new image of the Xbox Store is to be believed, this includes local multiplayer.

It could be an interesting news, check out the image below:


As you can see this does appear to insinuate that local multiplayer will be available. What we have to remember though is that until actually confirmed, this should be taken as rumour only. Even if it says this on the Store, it is much too soon to accept this as fact.

At this point in the games development, it is not strange to see it placed on the store and given the release date of “coming soon” but other than that, the details provided are merely placeholders for the official details of the game. This will include just how the multiplayer elements will work.

If it is true that multiplayer is available locally, this will be an interesting piece of news for players. Though it is debatable if they would want to play a game like this locally in a split-screen format. If it also allowed 4 players on one screen this may mean the screen would be split into four.


While we have seen this style of multiplayer used before, is it something we really want?

With Scalebound being about battles against opponents on a huge scale, there is no doubt the players would want to enjoy the game with the optimum amount of screen available to them. Restricting the size of the screen for local multiplayer may not be a choice gamers would want to use.

Having said this, as already stated this is merely a rumour based on information that will be updated nearer the release of the game. Take from that what you will.

Would you welcome local multiplayer to Scalebound? Let us know your thoughts below.

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