Is GameStop Selling Fake Retro Games to You? Looks Like It Is

GameStop doesn’t have the most credible reputation among gamers and things keep getting worse. They offer the worse price for your used games and their Retro Games program has been a bust so far.

The most unbelievable thing is that the retailer seems to be just taking in retro games and is selling them at a premium price without even checking them. The problem is explained in detail by YouTuber “RetroGamingTube 85.” Players are not only being ripped-off, but GameStop is selling us fake retro games.

Basically, some people are taking advantage of GameStop’s laziness by swapping logo stickers on cartridges of common games for rare/expensive ones. The video gives an example of ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut N64 which is one of the most expensive games out there. It goes for around $250 and GameStop is selling a fake.

The cover for ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut N64 is known to be Grey but as you can see, GameStop is selling a blue colored cartridge. Blue cartridges are normally used for Madden games.

We don’t think the retailer is doing this on purpose, it is just plain and simple laziness and incompetence people handling such matters. It is a highly unprofessional business practice that will do nothing but damage their reputation.

For now, it looks like the company does not have what it takes to be in the retro market. We would advise not to buy retro games from GameStop, at least not the expensive ones.

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