Is Diablo 3: Sword of Wisdom the Next Expansion Pack?

An image with an unknown source has been leaked online that suggests the next Diablo III expansion reveal to happen at BlizzCon 2014 later this year.

The image looks to be a snap of a presentation slide or promotional poster and speaks of a Diablo III: Sword of Wisdom expansion pack. “Watch the reveal live at BlizzCon 2014,” concludes the image.

There’s off course no way to verify the authenticity of the image and Blizzard is keeping silent about it. The better way would be to wait it out until Gamescom next week where Blizzard could possibly show this teaser to get the hype train rolling.

BlizzCon 2014 takes place in November and so teasing the next expansion for Diablo III at Gamescom this month is a good start.

Currently there’s no filing of a trademark by that name. However, it’s normal for companies to wait until the last possible moment to register their new products, so as to not reveal their plans early on.

In its financial report, Activision has revealed that since its release in 2012, Diablo III with its recent Reaper of Souls expansion pack has managed to sell more than 20 million copies worldwide. This figure takes into account all platforms.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is now scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 19. The special edition bundles the game, the expansion pack and some exclusive content for PlayStation owners.

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