Iron Spider Suit For Spider-Man PS4 Pre-Order Confirmed In Spidey Suit Pack

The rumors of Spider-Man PS4 getting ‘Iron Spider Suit’ and ‘Spidey Suit Pack’ pre-order exclusives are finally confirmed. The Iron Spider Suit is a design inspired by his Infinity War suit, getting announced just in time for the movie’s opening day. In addition, more goodies are included in the pre-order bonus as we detail below.

Sony PlayStation has revealed two new trailers for the game showing off the pre-order goodies. The Iron Suit is exactly what you’d think: A stunning metallic suit for Spider-Man which we can’t wait to see reflecting all the light when the superhero swings through the city. As for the Spidey Suit Pack, apart from the Iron Suit, you get a Punk Suit and another unannounced one, getting revealed in July. Furthermore, you’ll also receive extra in-game skill points, a Spider-Drone gadget, a PS4 theme and some custom PS4 avatars.

The offer is available for both physical and digital pre-orders even though the contents are only digitally available. There’s no information as to if players will be able to unlock those suits in-game but Spider-Man PS4 will have a huge variety to choose from if you won’t be able to grab the exclusive ones.

Regarding Spider-Man’s suit, Art Director Jacinda Chew recently talked about it and what makes it unique. According to her, the designers kept the original blue-red colored bodysuit that we loved the superhero in but each detail of it will be meaningful. Every blue, red and white part of his suit will serve a purpose and that’s part of what makes the superhero’s model so well designed.

Spider-Man PS4 releases on September 7th exclusively on PlayStation 4. Here’s everything you need to know about the game and we’ll be sharing more information with you as soon as we find out more. Are you excited about Spider-Man PS4 coming this autumn?

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