iOS 16 Now Supports Nintendo Switch Controllers

Apple has quietly added support for Nintendo Switch controllers (Joy Cons and Pro Controller) in iOS 16.

Playing games using game controllers on your mobile devices can be fun. Apple seems to be aware of their importance and now, it seems like support for Nintendo Switch controllers has also been added to iOS 16 for Apple devices.

iOS already supported PS5 and Xbox Series controllers and now, Nintendo Switch controllers support has also been added. As you may already know, iOS 16 is currently developer beta stage. The support for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons and Switch Pro Controller was confirmed by one of the developers working on Delta emulator:

While iOS 16 beta is currently available for developers, Apple has promised to bring an open beta for the new operating system in July. And with the announcement of No Man’s Sky and Grid Legends coming iPad and Mac, Nintendo Switch controllers support couldn’t come at a better time.

Mobile device gamers usually like to play their games casually using controllers. And Nintendo’s Joy Cons could sit well with Apple users. Keep in mind that the support for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers hasn’t been officially confirmed by Apple. The announcement could arrive with the open beta of iOS 16 or at a later date.

As for the release date of iOS 16 itself, Apple hasn’t confirmed a date yet however, iOS 16 is expected to release for massed in September, 2022. iOS 16 will be dropping support for the devices older than iPhone 8 so if you were using Apple phone that is older than iPhone 8 and hoping to use Nintendo Switch Controllers, you might want to upgrade your device.

Apart from Nintendo Controller support, iOS 16 comes with a plethora of new features which you can check on the official website.

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