IO Interactive’s Project Dragon is a Multiplayer Game, Suggest Job Listings

IO Interactive is looking to hire people of an unannounced multiplayer project which could very well be Project Dragon.

When we think of IO Interactive, the popular Hitman series hits our minds. Obviously they have worked on some other games too but Hitman is something that defines IO Interactive. Now, the studio is currently focused on developing a 007 James Bond game.

However, that’s not the only thing IO Interactive is currently working on. They also have an unannounced title in the works which if reports are to believed is titled as “Project Dragon” for the time being. This project from IOI is expected to be a fantasy RPG based on dragons.

Moreover, in the recent episode of XboxEra podcase, Jez Corden of Windows Central further predicted it to be a game with atleast 10 year support from IO Interactive. Well, that could be true as the new game could very well a multiplayer title (an MMO may be) as suggested by the job listing on the official site. The job listing mentions, “Lead our AAA multiplayer project!” in the start. The listing for a producer further reads:

You will report to our CEO and be responsible for delivering a multiplayer title on all platforms within given priorities of time, budget, and quality.

Well if the Project Dragon is the unannounced title, and it’s a multiplayer game, support of 10 years does seem like a logical deduction. It’s worth mentioning here that there is also a possibility that the multiplayer project here could totally be a different game from Project Dragon. However, a fantasy RPG with a multiplayer? What are the chances?

Another thing in contradiction here is that the job listing mentions “on all platforms”. Does this bit also mean PlayStation as well? Or it could just mean the Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC?

Microsoft has been on a rampage when it comes to acquiring studios to work on exclusive games for PC and Xbox. Project Dragon could be one of them or it could even be a multi-platform title. While we didn’t saw or hear anything about this mysterious game at E3 2021, we probably shouldn’t expect to hear about it anytime soon considering the team is still looking to hire major people for the project. There are some other job listings as well talking about “the new journey” IO Interactive is embarking on.

IOI recently also announced opening of a new studio in Barcelona which will be working on all on-going projects including Hitman, Project 007 and an unannounced New IP (most probably Project Dragon)

The studio behind Hitman series has a good track record of making great games and if a Dragons based project is happening with some sort of multiplayer element, I am definitely down for it. For now, all we can do is speculate and infer based on what information we have.

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