IO Interactive is Working on an Unannounced Multiplayer Game

New job listings for an IO Interactive multiplayer game have been posted to the studio's website, but we don't have much info yet.

IO Interactive, the developers of the Hitman franchise, have just posted new job listings for a new unannounced multiplayer game. While we know little about it beyond that, it’s an interesting change from their formerly entirely single-player portfolio. Is it a Hitman side-game? Or something new? We’ll have to see.

IO Interactive’s games haven’t really been the best for multiplayer titles. While they have released some modes in recent Hitman games that could be played online (Hitman 2’s Sniper Assassin and Ghost Modes, both since removed), this is the first multiplayer title that IO Interactive has produced.

The job listings that IO Interactive put on its website specifically ask for an Executive Producer and a Game Director, both of which are for the aforementioned multiplayer game. Neither listing gives any specific details, but they are both administrative positions for the game, so IO is either done putting the rest of the team together and needs leaders, or are just starting to gather the team.

Exactly what level of multiplayer this new IO Interactive multiplayer game will be also remains to be seen. The studio hasn’t developed many games based fully around multiplayer, the only exceptions being the Kane and Lynch games that were heavily focused around co-operative gameplay.

While this could be a game similar in gameplay to Kane and Lynch, it could also take the multiplayer aspect up a notch, such as team-based multiplayer shooters or other combat-focused titles. We still barely know anything about the game other than that it’s a multiplayer Triple-A title.

However the upcoming IO Interactive multiplayer game turns out, hopefully it will give us the same kind of quality, if not more, than the Hitman games that the studio has been turning out for the past several years. Either way, we can’t do anything but wait and see what IO will put out when the game is ready.

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