The Internet Will Overtake TV In 2019 According To Statistics, Internet Accounts For 24% Of Media Consumption

The internet is where everything happens now. It is 2018 and 24% of all media consumption takes place on the web according to statistics and the web will cross TV next year according to predictions. It might be surprising to people that the internet has not already crossed TV but it seems that it is what it is.

2019 will be the year when it finally happens. An average person spends 170.6 minutes a day on the web either shopping, browsing social media, chatting and streaming music and video in 2019. The number predicted for TV is close but the internet is still ahead, TV comes in at 170.3 minutes.

While TV is a traditional form of media consumption, it is losing to the internet and there is a good reason behind that as well. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime allow users to watch shows according to their schedule instead of tuning in to a show every week. Users can watch a series from start to end in one go.

That is an ease that TV does not offer. Plus you are not bound to the TV. You can use the web on your phone, tablet, computer and ironically your TV as well. More devices are connecting to the internet and that is making the case difficult for TV.

Take my example, I am a pretty young lad and I don’t have a TV. I consume all the media I need on my phone, laptop or PC. I can’t even remember the last time that I saw something on the TV. YouTube also has a huge role to play. The internet is not restricted either, while there are rules channels need to follow on the internet.

The web has made things personal and custom. TV is the things of the past and more people will realize that as they adopt these new services.

Let us know what you think about the internet overtaking TV and whether or not you thought this had already happened.

Source: Quartz

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