Intel CPUs To Become More Expensive, Intel Will No Longer Use “Intel Inside” Marketing Strategy

Intel CPUs are known for the performance that they have to offer and the AMD Ryzen CPUs that came out recently have put Intel on their toes. This time around we got Intel quad-core i3 CPUs and 6 core 6 thread i5 CPUs as well as 6 core 12 thread i7 CPUs. Intel Coffee lake features 2 additional cores across the board. But it seems that Intel is giving up the “Intel Inside” branding.

The “Intel Inside” branding started in 1991 and any partner that would use this branding in their promotions would get a subsidy from Intel but that will no longer be the case as device suppliers have reported that Intel has decided not to pursue this strategy any longer. It seems that this is a response to the changing PC market trends.

In short, Intel is more interested in investing in data centers and the Internet of Things, rather than consumer CPUs. We have seen a huge shift in the PC market and while the market is a huge one people are shifting to mobile products rather than full-fledged PCs and the gamers are shifting to consoles. With the Xbox One X supporting 4K gameplay there is less incentive to buy a PC than ever before.

Why Will Intel CPUs Become More Expensive?

Why does this impact consumers? The answer to that is very simple. With the Intel Inside subsidy gone, partners will have to pay more and it is more than likely that this additional cost will be carried on to the consumer. It that is the case then not only will future products featuring Intel CPUs be more expensive but current ones as well.

Furthermore, we have rumors that the upcoming 9th generation of Intel CPUs will feature 8 cores and 16 threads. This should help the company compete with the AMD Ryzen CPUs that feature the same number of cores and threads.

Let us know what you think about Intel dropping the Intel Inside marketing strategy after such a long time and whether or not you think this will be the right thing to do.

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