Intel Coffee Lake 8th Generation CPU Packaging Confirms The CPUs Require 300 Series Motherboards

Intel coffee lake 8th generation packaging for corei5 and corei7 confirmed, along with the specifications of both the CPUs. six core, 4k, VR support etc.

Earlier today, the 8th generation Intel coffee lake desktop series was unveiled, with the retail packaging box for Core i5 and Core i7, alongside the launch of U series 8th generation processors for notebooks and low powered laptops.

The Coffee lake will utilize the 300 series chipsets. Both of these CPUs will use Z370 and Z390 while the budget aimed ones will use B360 and H370 later this year.

The side view of both the packaging box appeared on Intel’s website. We can look at the key features of both the Intel coffee lake processors. The key features Intel is looking to push are Turbo Boost 2.0 with faster boost clocks than ever before. The same processors have lower base clocks but the new boost method gives a significant amount of bump to the clock speeds, under load.

Smart Cache will prove efficient caching of I/O request registry. This will enable lesser loading times while processing requests and efficient response.

Optane Memory is the newest technological revolution from Intel that speeds up data transfer, for processing and performs like a processor’s cache and RAM. This is supported by the 8th generation line up also mentioned on the packaging.

Dual channel DDR4 will be supported. This means the RAM response times will be faster than before due to the fact that Dual channels in RAM work like two hands doing the same job, its better and faster.


Packaging also shows the integrated graphics card has been amped up to UHD Graphics 630. Intel Coffee Lake iGPU solution will now support your favorite 4K content and faster media rendering. Specifically if we’re talking about the processing power. The animated content that took 45 minutes to render 4-5 years ago, will now be rendered in a few minutes.

The only major difference between the Intel Coffee Lake i5 and i7 was the hyper threading availability in i7. Number of cores are six in both the CPU series.

Intel also claims for 11-29% single thread, 51-65% multi thread performance gains in its 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake desktop lineup, compared to same-tier models previous generation. The packaging also shows VR content support mentioning ” For a great VR experience ” well that’s reassuring. We all want better performance in our VR application rendering.

What’s your opinion about the features stated on the packaging of 8th generation desktop CPUs from Intel. Let us know in the comments section below.

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