Intel Coffee Lake 8100 Now Available On Amazon, Act Fast If You Want One

Intel Coffee Lake 8100 is available on Amazon for $117. If you are interested in buying this CPU then you should act fast as it should be out of stock before you know it. The Intel Coffee Lake 8100 features 4 cores and 4 threads as compared to 2 cores on the 7100 of the previous generation.

We talked about the Intel Coffee Lake 8100 and how it was the best value for money when considering the cost per core and you can check out the details here. As of writing this article, the 8350K is also in stock but there are only a dozen SKU left. I expect these to have been sold out by the time this is published but you could get lucky.

It is important to note that only Z300 series motherboards are available right now and that means that you will have to pay the premium even though the Intel Coffee Lake 8100 is locked. You might have to wait till next year in order to get a mainstream motherboard for your CPU.

On the bright side, it is possible that you already have a Z series motherboard but have not had the chance to get an overclockable CPU. In that case, you could get the Intel Coffee Lake 8100 now and swap it out later on with your shiny new overclockable CPU.

If you are interested in the Intel Coffee Lake CPU then be sure to check out our benchmarks of the 8600K. You can also check out our Intel Coffee Lake powered budget VR build and our $1000 Coffee Lake PC build, which happens to be less than what you would pay for the iPhone X.

Let us know what you think about the Intel Coffee Lake 8100 and whether or not you are going to get one of these CPUs.

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