Intel Coffee Lake 6-Core CPUs Will Have 14nm Chipset Size

A recent leak sugges that Intel will come up with another lineup based on 14nm chipset size known as Coffee Lake, and it will have 6-Core CPU tech in it

Yet another leak suggest Intel is still stuck at 14nm chipset size but rolling out a different series of 6-Core CPUs. Reportedly, the series is called as Coffee Lake by the leaked Intel Slides based on last year’s information and it is set to come out by 2018. However, it should be noted that this information is not from official sources and it is subjected to change once Intel releases an official statement regarding Coffee Lake.

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The long-running Intel’s series have been quad cores for most of its time. Even in 14nm chipset size it remained quad core, but Intel might approach to Coffee Lake 6-Cores for now, as AMD’s Ryzen is just around the corner waiting for a release.

AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are reportedly 6-cores and 8-cores CPUs, and Intel needs a new lineup of its CPUs to compete with its rival chipset manufacturer. Intel has to do it fast, if AMD’s Ryzen sells out well in market and Intel lags behind without an appealing product, Intel can lose market traction. So, this leak about 6-Core CPUs by Intel may come true at some point in future.

Moreover, Intel recently has been revamping its CPUs since last year. With Pentiums gaining hyper-threading, it may be time for i3s to move to quad cores, the i5s with hyper-threading and quad cores and i6s with 6-core chips.

This is just pure speculation based on market stunts and tactics which most of the time Tech giants adopt. Intel needs a new lineup to counter AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. Intel’s Cannon Lake 10nm chipset size CPUs will release later this year as reported by Intel, but, it cannot be said for sure if it will have the potential to compete head-head with AMD’s Ryzen. So, Intel Coffee Lake may be the series Intel needs to hold off AMD Ryzen at bay. Based on Ryzen’s hardware, figures tell that it can compete with Intel’s i3s and i5s, for more on the news, check here.

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