Injustice: Gods Among Us Joker Moves, Combos and Strategy Guide

The Joker, there are a thousand things that come into our minds whenever we hear/read his name. Arguably, the greatest villain in all of comic books history Joker has haunted our nightmares from the time of his inception.

Batman’s greatest nemesis has been a source of grief and tragedy for him since day one. Who could ever forget when Joker in his most vile moments beat the boy wonder, Robin, to death with a crowbar leaving his body to be incinerated by a bomb?

Injustice: Gods Among Us Joker Moves, Combos and Strategy

Joker is pure evil without a single redeeming quality present in him, and yet we all seem to love that guy to bits. What is it that makes this character appeal to so many fans around the world? Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker in Batman: Dark Knight only doubled his already substantial popularity.

In Injustice: Gods Among Us Joker returns to the circus as mad as ever. However, he is still clever as a fox and his madness has a method. We are here to figure out that method, which is a bold statement indeed. Nonetheless, we will give it a try.

In this guide, we will detail all the mischief you can perform as Joker in the game. With our help, you will be leaving all your enemies laughing to death and the Joker standing tall over them all with a smile on his scarred face.

Button Key Mapping

  • PS3/Xbox 360 = Output

Triangle/Y = High Attack
Square/X = Mid Attack
X/A = Low Attack
Circle/B = Character Trait
R1/RB = Environment Attack
L1/LB = Throw
LT + RT/LT + RT = Super Move
R2/RT = Meter Burn

Joker Basic Attack

Quick Slash: X
Downward Punch: Y
Straight Kick: A
Footsie: ← + X
Spinning Humor: ← + Y
Crowbar Slam: ← + A
Belly Buster: → + Y
Downward Crowbar: → + A
Knee Slapper: ↓ + X
Upward Crowbar: ↓ + Y
Sweep Kick: ↓ + A

Joker Air Attacks

Straight Heel: X
Air Hinge Kick: Y
Flying Crowbar: A

Joker Throws

Forward Throw: LB + → or → + X + A
Reverse Throw: LB or ← + X + A

Joker Combos

Suicide King: X, X
Last Laugh: X, X, Y
Give Me A Smile: X, X, A
Die Laughing: Y, X
Put It There Pal: Y, X, Y
Clown Prince: → + Y, A
Full Deck: → + Y, A, Y
Joke’s On You: → + Y, X
Mad Love: A, Y
Shank Shank: A, Y, A
No More Jokes: A, A

Joker Bounce Cancels

Downward Crowbar: → →, RT
Crowbar Slam: ← ←, RT

Joker Special Attacks

Crowbar: ← → A
Laughing Gas: ↓← X
Rolling Laughing Gas: ↓← Y
BANG!: ↓→ X
Chattering Teeth: ↓← A
Mid Chattering Teeth: ↓← A, ↑
Far Chattering Teeth: ↓← A, →
Acid Blossom: ← → Y

Joker Super Move

Let’s Be Serious: LT + RT

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