Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Skin Dresses Diana in Her Movie Costume

With the DC Cinematic Universe’s latest offering Wonder Woman coming out this Friday, Injustice 2 has released an Injustice 2 Wonder Woman skin that turns the Diana from the game into the Diana from the film, including a wardrobe change. While this voice isn’t voiced by Gal Gadot, it’s still a cool skin.

The gear includes Wonder Woman’s shield, lasso, outfit, and more.

The Wonder Woman DC movie will be telling the origin story of Diana, Princess of Themyscira, the mystical island that serves as the home of the Amazons in the DC universe. Drawn into World War 1, Diana will have plenty of opportunities to be awesome, especially since the movie takes place nearly a century before Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, where she made her first film appearance.

Considering how poorly received the other DC Cinematic Universe movies, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad, have been, Wonder Woman at least has small shoes to fill, but her success could mean that female superhero movies actually have a chance of being seen as good movies.

There’s never been a Wonder Woman movie before, and an Injustice 2 Wonder Woman skin is a good way to drum up promotion for the movie, especially since some have criticized that marketing for the movie has been scarce.

The Wonder Woman skin will be available through a Multiverse event in Injustice 2 called “The War to End All Wars”, which was one of the many nicknames for World War One alongside The Great War and others. The event will run from today, May 29, to June 5, three days after the Wonder Woman movie actually comes out.

Either way, if you own Injustice 2, you can take part in the Wonder Woman event and get the Injustice 2 Wonder Woman skin for yourself, simply by playing. To see the trailer for the skin for yourself, look further up the article.