Infinity Warfare Features Side Missions, Details Revealed

Infinite Warfare will feature the same kind of linear narrative. But according to design director Minkoff, Infinity Warfare features side missions also.

Infinity Ward has already stated that Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare will feature the same kind of linear narrative that have characterized Call Of Duty franchise since its beginning. That does not mean there will be no room for innovation in single-player campaign. According to design director Jacob Minkoff, that Infinity Warfare features side missions.

According to Jacob Minkoff:

As the captain of the UNSA Retribution, which is the carrier that [players] command, you can order it to go and engage in different missions in a non-linear order…[which] will also reveal optional elements of the story.

It is actually a big news for the franchise that is not known for its stellar story telling, well not since Modern Warfare 3. While Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare will not feature aliens, it is clear that Infinity Ward has learned a few things about player progression, item incentivization and increasingly popular loot system from Destiny.

Minkoff further said that:

We are telling a linear story, but along the way…attacking [optional] targets of opportunity will reward you with various items and progression and loot elements that will help you to accomplish the next main mission.

It comes with no surprise that infinity ward is looking for ways to freshen up the series. In the end, the new installment will have to perform well in both single-player and multiplayer to live up to the reputation of some of its most popular predecessors.

Last Call Of Duty game to feature optional missions was Black ops 2, completing those missions impacted the game`s conclusion.

Infinity Warfare pre-orders are live but only standard edition and legacy editions are available for pre-order. Infinity Warfare will also include Modern Warfare Remaster in Legacy Edition, Legacy Pro Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition.

You can also check out the graphics comparison of Modern Warfare Remaster with 2007 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. The comparison was showed as part of the Infinite Warfare livestream.

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