Infinite Crisis October Patch to add Amplifiers

The upcoming update to the Turbine developed MOBA, Infinite Crisis, will add Amplifier Sets to the fray.

While Amplifier Sets are intended to be fully customizable, the update; which is scheduled for sometime later this month, will only feature presets and will not allow players to make any changes to them.

Amplifiers are Turbine’s answer to the passive bonuses chosen before the start of a game that were first tossed into the MOBA mix by Riot’s League of Legends. Amplifier Sets in Infinite Crisis are made up of Augments and Mods – allowing for four and three of each respectively in one set.

Augments directly influence your character’s stats. Now that’s fairly normal, and pretty much the same as League of Legends. Mods, however, are interestingly unique and only have an effect on the various Artifacts you can purchase during the course of a match. You decide the set you wish to use pre-game when selecting your champion and choosing your load-out.

How much of an impact Amplifier Sets will have on the gameplay and balance of the battle-arena based on DC Universe remains to be seen. I’m not expecting something completely balanced from the get-go, but Mods kind of have me concerned.

Empowering certain items during the load-out might lead to some repetition in terms of character builds and might downplay on-the-fly changes in the Artifacts players buy to counter the enemy team. Though that’s not to say it can’t be balanced, and I’m more than willing to see what Turbine does – because if they do manage to do Mods right, it would definitely lead to some interesting possibilities.

You can read more about Infinite Crisis’ Amplifier Sets and what’s included in the October patch at the official site for the game. Infinite Crisis is currently in closed beta. The game is scheduled for a full release later this year.

Contributor at SegmentNext.