Infamous 2 Walkthrough

Infamous 2 opens in Empire City as a massive explosion destroys the whole town signaling the birth of a new evil. Cole escapes the city after a close encounter with the dark entity known as The Beast. Read on for the complete Infamous 2 walkthrough to help you finish the story.

Infamous 2 Walkthrough

After leaving the city, Cole finds out The Beast has destroyed the Empire City and moving down the coast annihilating everything in its path.

Responding to these dire situations, Cole must find the key to unlock his undiscovered powers hidden deep within new Marais. Standing in his way is a power-hungry dictator that will stop at nothing to rid him from the city. Either gain enough power to defeat The Beast or witness the destruction of the World. You must choose!

Infamous 2’s karma system will lead you to different ending; choices you made will significantly effect how the story progresses. If you need assistance in completing the game either way, read our Infamous 2 walkthrough.


It’s just the start so just follow the simple on screen instructions. After braking the door with a bolt, move towards the beast. You can draw it’s attention with a couple of hits.

You might think the beast as your ultimate for but for the time being all you need to do is press the displayed buttons to get rid of it. After the final massive lightening bolt, a cutscene will play and after that you will reach New Marais. You will be given a melee weapon.


Head south and then turn left to reach the docks.Don’t hesitate to shift to the large map view if you are lost. You need to use your glide move to cross the water. On the other side will be your first enemy confrontation. You can open the command list to see the moves you can perform. You will have to chain these moves for effective attacks that will also depend on the nature of your foe.

Now after recharging your power, you have two choices; either you can destroy the big generator by the bridge or you use it destroy the bridge only. The first choice will get you bad karma while the second choice is for good karma.

You are a good soul i.e is if you have chosen to get good karma, you will pass through the village. To deal with the millitia soldiers, you can get to the elevated platform and then use long range attacks or the explosive generator to get rid of them.

Your objective is to locate the mortar. You need to be mobile to avoid any damage from the gun. The mortar is on the boat. You need to destroy it (aim for the tanks on the boat) . Once it is destroyed, reach the boat to check the remnants.

You need to use a grenade over the wall to destroy the first turret. Get to the second turret then and deal with the Millitia forces (you can use grenade again at the beginning).

Now to the dry land again, follow Kuo. You will face some enemies on the decks. If you throw some grenades on the decks, you can get rid of them. Don’t forget that you can fill your power using street lights or any other electrical supply in the city. Yes, electricity is your food, you will need it if you want to survive.

Up next in the alley, remove the truck as described and then more enemies will head your way. Simply use the bolt attacks to deal with them. Next, the building filled with Millitia members is your target. You need to take care of snipers and the rocket launchers.

Deal with every dot on your mini-map (which actually indicate the enemy positions). Once you are near the objective, you have another choice to make that is either you can stop the assault or ignore it.

You need to be careful if you decide to save the women as any of your electrical attacks can harm her. You can use Amp to save her. You will earn good or negative karma points accordingly.

After you collect the objective, you will have your next heading on the map. Use the power lines to get to the building on fire. You will have a couple of objectives to complete now. First jump down the street and life a car. Then lift this car and throw it on Millitia.

You can lift the car by holding R2 button. As you hold the car, you can target it to the nearest enemy. You will be informed about a side quest before you begin your next mission. The side quest though will earn you negative karma points as you will have to kill any police you encounter on your map.

First Island

Lost and Found
Follow the white arrow to start of with the mission. Get to the circle marked on your minimap (the bell tower). Aim for the pigeon and shoot it down. Now you need to find it on the ground. The dead drops scattered throughout the city are marked as blue icons on your minimap. To find them, refer to our Blast Shard and Dead Drops Location Guide.

Now you need to find a couple of Blast Shards. Use the left Analogue stick to find these as blue dots on your minimap. Explore the city to your will now to find both the Shards and Dead Drops.

Karma’s Bitch
You will learn to choose between good and bad karma. The choices you make (good or dark) will be displayed by the karma meter on your screen. Staying neutral though won’t get you anywhere so either choose to part with evil or the bright side. Powers you will gain will be different for both evil and good. You can press Left on your D-pad to reveal the info about powers.

Good Smartian
It is displayed as the blue circle on your map. You need to save some hostages on the roof of the mansion. Moving towards your main objective, you can heal some of the sick along the way to earn some good karma points.

Once on the top, deal with the Millitia quickly to save the hostages. Head back to the starting point of the mission. Injure the enemies and once they are down, (don’t kill them) approach them, use R1 to lock on and then use ARC Restraint.

Taking out the Trash
It will appear as red dot on your map. Now if you want to earn some negative karma, you need to take out the marked target. You can be as ruthless as you can along the way to your ultimate target. Once you have finished the job, you are done with the mission.

Side quests now can be completed to earn useful points. Keep in mind that anything blue on the map will somehow be associated with the good karma (like the sick people) and red symbols (like the police) are associated with negative karma. You can either choose to heal the fallen or use Bioleeching to kill them for the concerned results that is good or bad karma respectively.

You will be equipped with a new attack in this mission. You need to take out 6 enemies to earn Pincer Bolt. You can upgrade through the Power Menu (Left on the D-pad). If you want good karma, you will have to stop the notorious act.

You can use the attacks that will damage the innocents. For the evil path, the abduction should be none of your concerns. Just kill the enemies and you are done. Zeke then will teach you the method of switching between bolts quickly.

Bertrand Takes the Stage
Take out the foes you find on the stage. Melee attacks are highly recommended against these enemies. Bertrand will get away in his car. You need to follow him. Use the pipes (marked white on the map) to follow his trail. Be careful as you might have to jump at some sections.

Near the bell tower, hop onto the vehicle. The chopper that appears after that needs to be shot down. You should aim your bolts at it. You can dodge it attacks by simply changing your position continuously.

Bomb Scare
Like before, you will start the mission by the white marker on your map. You need to defuse two bombs. One of these will explode but you can diffuse the second one. Neutralize the bomb in the alley and collect the blast shard. It won’t add up to your total count though.

Wolfe Hunt
Trail the man that leaves the casino. You can’t blow up your cover so keep a safe distance. As the man enters the building, you need to take care of few Millitia members.

You should keep a safe distance while you charge your bolts towards them. After the enemy wave has been thin down to minimum or finished, you can move to the next section where you will meet a strange beast named Ravager.

You need to get to higher ground to take down the creature safely. You can use grenades and bolts against it. Next, meet up with Kuo and get ready for a ride. You can throw grenades to get rid of cluster of enemies you encounter on your way.

You can recharge on the truck so power won’t be the issue. Also make sure that you don’t fall off the truck. Once you are safe, the mission will conclude.

Desperate Times
While heading towards your first destination, you will encounter some people protesting. You can gather some bad karma points by killing them. Near your destination, you will encounter a wave of enemy which you need to take care of. Keep a safe distance and use your bolt attacks against them. You are not done yet and will face more of them.

You should not be too hasty dealing with the launchers. A useful approach is that you flank the launchers and then deal with the rest. Deal with the turrets and other enemies by climbing the mansion and tossing down some grenades.

You won’t find Kuo for the next two shacks too but you will find more enemies ready to interrupt your path. Use trees as cover as take care of turrets first. Then you can deal with the other creatures. Move to the next point where you will meet Nix. Your goal at the rooftop is get 5 barrels behind the banners and then tip each barrel.

You need take out your quota of enemies. Nix can lift the enemies you can shoot for instant kills. Lookout for the launchers on the rooftops. After every banner has been treated with the oil. Shoot one of the banner to start the ignition and the the complete fire. You need to take care of some Millitia soldiers on the ground now.

To get a new power, fight off the enemies below till a purple spot appears on the map. A dead soldier will glow white. You need to approach it’s dead body and absorb the power (ionic charge) which is quite destructive.

After meeting up with Zeke Nix, you will have two choices again, ether choose the positive (blue dot) or the negative (red dot).

Leading the Charge
You need to take down the chopper first. You know how to that. You have already taken down one (use the bolt attacks). Then turn your attention towards the enemies on the trucks.

Central truck have the police members. You have the ionic charge too. Use it to take out enemies in the surrounding trucks. Grenades are also the option. Once all the enemies are down, you should climb the police truck and release them.

Enter the yard and obviously, you won’t be greeted by the enemy. You need to fight back. Use your newly acquired skill (ionic vortex) to teach them a lesson. As you approach Kuo’s door, you will be interrupted by three mortars. You can run close to them and destroy them by pressing the required button just like a melee attack. You need to move her to the truck now. Defend her till she gets to the truck and your task is over.


Power up Ascension Parish
You should activate the first transformer. After it is activated, you can use the missile now to charge the second one. The missile should hit the silver circle on the map. Get to the transformer as you need to defend it. On you way, you can’t afford contact with the enemy as you are out of power. Stick to the rooftops.

The task gets difficult as you will get little time to charge up to defend at least. You can’t afford to get aggressive here as your objective is to defend the transformer and you also have a limited amount of charge. Take cover behind the transformer so that the charging task becomes easy. After the transformer is destroyed, another missile will be released which should hit the next transformer on your map.

Enemies will surround you from every direction. You should stick to the same plan to defend the transformer. The missile now should hit the final transformer. The strategy to defend the final transformer remains the same. You can always use Ionic vortex if you have the capacity too.Grenades should also help your cause.

The Sacrifice
You need to free the hostage. Head south and you will enemy resistance (swamp creatures). Kill them using melee attacks. After the threat is dealt with, you can find the hostage tied on a tree branch. Now follow her to the city. Along your way, you will face more enemies of similar kind you faced earlier. You have multiple options to deal with them that is either use your ionic vortex or blast attacks against them.

You will ultimately face a big monster. The weak point is it’s open mouth. Get ready for a tough battle. It may apparently look difficult but actually it’s easy as long as you keep a safe distance. You will have to dodge it’s green shots being fired towards you. Aim your blast attacks at the creature and keep on firing till it’s health bar is reduced to nil.

Conduit, Not Human
It’s time for some exploration along with action. Follow Kuo and deal with a bunch of enemies that appear in the graveyard. Her attacks of course will help you in eliminating them. Now, you need to get to the coffin shown in the image (to the northern end of the graveyard). Open the lid and you will get another photograph.

This time, you will have to deal with some foes before you can get there. Inside this second coffin (between the tree and wall to west of the graveyard), another image will point another coffin. While in search for the third coffin, you will a novel enemy first (Ice Men). They aren’t that lethal but you should keep some distance to ensure safety.

Ravager that comes after that needs the same strategy you used earlier. But this time, you don’t have a lot of space to keep yourself away from the beast. So get on an elevated platforms and attack the beast. You can toss grenades onto it.

Spikers will try to overrun you. You can repel them using the Square button. If you run out of power, you need to retreat to the street and replenish the gauge and then enter the battle arena again.Once the beast is down, come back to the coffin and collect the blast core.

Good Gets Better
You will now check the abilities you have gained after collecting the blast core. First one is the improved thrusters. You need to float for two seconds also farther than 5 minutes. For both the objectives. Just jump off the building and press R1.

For the car jump, get on a car and press the required button to perform a sort of high jump like a straight blast upwards. For precision bolt, first use the zoom (up D-pad) and then fire using R1. This bolt will act more or less like a sniper.

Stories of the Past
After meeting with Nix, head to the east. You will be interrupted by millitia forces. You have a ranged attack you can use against them precisely. But don’t over do it as it will take a lot of charge.

You can stick to the normal bolt attacks to deal with them. Elevated platform will give you the tactical advantage. Nix will deal with the turrets otherwise you can use grenades to get rid of these machines.

While you are on the boat, target the towers that come along the path. You should be careful that you don’t fall off the boat. After leaving the boat, more enemies will attack but the environment this time is rather foggy.

To find the generators (you can use to recharge) burn the towers so that the flames can render some light. Swamp creatures will appear and divert millitia soldiers’ attention. Make a run for the boat. Some Swamps will attack you too but you have your melee skills with you to deal with them.

Explore the millitia’s shelter (as marked on the map) and then across the boat, get ready to face another Ravager. Here things will be tougher as you don’t have any real elevated platform you can use as advantage. You can climb the generator though while you try to take out the beast. Back to the boat to conclude the mission.

Transference of Power
Another karma decision. For good karma points pursue the blue marker and for the evil karma, red spot should be your destiny.

Hearts and Minds Campaign
You need to defend the van. You also will have to clear the path for it so that it doesn’t get stop. The giant Devourer should be dealt cautiously with the regular bolts.If you have forgotten than it’s mouth should be your target.

A millitia truck will follow the giant creature. You need to take out the gunner first with a grenade and then you can deal with the rest. After reaching the destiny, climb to the rooftops for another battle (rather simple) with millitia. If you are quenching good karma points then make sure that you don’t use attacks that will harm the innocents.

Fooling the Rebels
Time to pretend. After she takes over the turret, you need to climb up to her position so that rebels are fooled.

Storm the Fort
After meeting up with your allied factions outside the fort, it’s time to attack. First, you will have to take out four machine guns. So you need to grab any opening and destroy these turrets. To knock out the enemies holding the turrets, you can use grenades or precision bolts.

After you have taken care of the turrets, move out of the fort to the transformer. The missile should hit one inside the fort. The second missile (from the second transformer) now should hit the one on the tower to the northern end of the fort.

Use the power line to get to the transformer to the north to restore the power in the fort. Now you need to take care of the mortars (that have been firing at you). One is on the tower to the east direction while the other one is to the south side.

A tough choice to make now. Kuo for good karma points or Nix for bad karma points. The choice won’t be tough if you just consider the path you have been following till now rather than the girl selection. Test your newly acquired ability to conclude the mission.

Joseph Bertrand the 3rd
As you examine the chopper, a real big thing (Behermoth) will be ready to fight against you. The weak points will glow pink. Aim the one at it’s mouth till it opens it chest. You should toss grenades into it till it gets closed again. A dozen or so grenades tossed into the beast’s chest will deal with the weak points in the chest.

Don’t be hasty while it opens the mouth and wait for the dangerous breath it takes before you can attack. Monster’s other attacks are easy to dodge. More weak points will appear at it’s legs. Target them to ultimately take the beast down. Remember to replenish your power using street lights as it will take some time to get rid of the giant monster.

Flood Town

Powering up Flood Town
To power up the flood town, first head to transformer in the west New Marais. The missile from here should hit the transformer on the bridge. Use the electric wires now to reach the transformer. Ice men will attacks at the bridge. Take cover behind the transformer and defend the position.

Your primary goal is to make sure that no one gets near the generator. The next transformer is in the northwest direction. Defend it and then fire another missile to the final transformer that is in the north end. Again, use the cover behind the transformer to charge yourself and defend it.

The Dunbar Beam
You will use the Dubnar beams to take care of swamp masters. You move from post to post to complete your objective. The first one is on the roof nearby. Take control of the light and target it towards the enemies.

For the next one is in the north side. You need to take care of the Ravagers who are attacking the civilians. They may look huge but you can take them out rather quickly if you focus your aim. Next outpost is at the center of the town.

After clearing this post, you need to move through different sections fighting off enemies. Your charged attacks will be sufficient for them. Head back to the center. As the monsters enter the area, you can use the Dubnar light on the second floor of the wrecked building.
To deal with men that appear afterward from the roof, you can pop some grenades or use ionic vortexes on them.

Burning Wells
To the first well use your kinect charge to lift the cap and then drop it on the open burning well. If you somehow drop into the water (try not to) you can stand on it and use kinect charge to lift it. You can either choose the traditional pathway that is head south first or head north first to make things somewhat easy.

The Ice Titan will welcome you (not really). You need to use the precision bolts at its weak point on the chest. As it moves away from the well area, it’s time that you complete the capping procedure. To the eastern side now, you can use the cap against enemies.

The final well is at the north side which is the easiest one to cover. Place the cap and you are done with the mission.

Ray Field Energy
Time to get new powers and try them.

Yet another mission with a choice to make. So, head to the red circle if you seek the dark side or if you want to be a hero, head to the blue circle.

Exposing Bertrand
Keep a low profile and head to the north-west area which is out of power. Sneak your way to the train full of people across the islands. You can use your thrusters to get past those islands patches. You are a camera man now. Use R2 button as a camera and target the people in front of you.

As the light above the screen turns green, it is the perfect time to take a photo. There are three other train cars in the area so you need to take three more snaps. You can’t afford to blow off your cover yet. Head to the warehouse where Bertrand is present. First, head for the roof where you can see Bertrand talking with a guy.

After a couple of shots interrupted by cutscenes, head to the rooftop of trains marked on the map. Hit the panels to free the passengers. Your task in not over yet as you need to face a tough guy. From the top, feed its mouth with rockets. Another train after that and you are done with this task.

Nix’s Family
You will have to help Nix to free some swamp monsters. Not a good deed but of course.

The Beast Draws Near
Before you enter Zeke’s truck, destroy the panels around it to reveal a
bomb. Now you need to defend the truck as it moves through the streets. It’s better that you stay defensive and instead of shooting the enemies, clear the path for the truck with your alpha blasts.

After you have reached the cranes, climb up to the marked spot and target the beast using the tripod there. A heavy icemen resistance will follow. Maintain a safe distance as you deal with them with your powerful bolts.

Get to the tripod again and aim the beat again. The successful hit will bring it down. Now head back down to help Zeke. Free him (remove the debris off him) and get him to the truck to complete the mission.

Gas Works

Powering Up Gas Works
This section primarly includes the powering up of some transformers like you have done before. Icemen are marked on your map so you can plan your attacks against them. The final tranformer is in the warehouse. As you power it, a cutscene will play.

You are not done yet as you need to defend for a couple of more minutes and deal with those gunmen. Stay in cover and wait for Zeke to arrive the scene to conclude the mission.

Forced Conduits
Your main objective is to collect the safes present in the warehouses in the Gas work area. Enter the first warehouse and you will face small enemy resistance. Just a formality, nothing serious. After you are done with them, destroy the militia crates at the center of the warehouse to find the safe.

Next warehouse has some icemen inside. You can pop some grenades to them or use your bolts to silence their presence. Move to the catwalk near the ceiling to find a militia crate along the northwest wall.

Next warehouse gets tougher. First jump to a higher platform to avoid the gas. Then shoot the window for some fresh air. Muktiple Ice men at your service. They aren’t new to you. Take your time to finish them off and then collect the safe from a crate in the center of the warehouse.

Before entering the next warehouse, pop some grenades inside form above and disable the guard towers. After the enemy is reduced to minimum, collect the safe near the east side door in the warehouse.

A competitive opponent (Titan) enters the arena. To expose the weak points you need to use grenades. After you have feed him a lot of grenades, it will crumble down. Head towards it now and tap the on screen prompts to reveal the weak point. You can recharge yourself from the street.

Maintain a safe distance now and start throwing grenades at it once again till he is finished this time. After you are done with him, head to the safe near the entrance and open it to wrap up the mission.

Easy Going
Lightening Tether is your friend in this exploring quest. Use it to reach the required destination.

The Face of Change
Tons of icemen are waiting for you on this mission in two boats. For the first boat, you can either enter straight into the battle or first reduce the resistance from outside the ship. Use the top of the warehouse and snipe some icemen to make things easy.

You need to deal with each one of them before you can destroy the generators. Follow the on screen prompts to annihilate these. Use the same strategy for the second ship that is thin down the crowd before entering the ship. You will have to face a Titan though in the second ship.

Expose it’s weak spot first and then target it to nail the tough guy. Destroy the generator now and then head to marked white spot on your map in the village.

Bertrand will transform into a monster. You can Zeke’s truck to refill your tanks. You can use the blast attacks (X) to fend off the missile attacks. He will open his mouth after some intervals . The weak spot is inside his mouth. Shoot it whenever it is revealed.

Swamp monsters will play their role. Soon a helicopter will appear and pick you up in a cutscene. Make sure that you counter the missiles heading your way through blast attacks. You can charge up in the helicopter. After you blast the two missiles launched by the helicopter to Bertrand, you will be on ground once again. Shoot the gas tanks to resist the giant beast.

You need to keep on targeting its weak points and be offensive throughout the battle. His attacks are easily dodge able. If you run out of charge, you can recharge it on street. After a long tiring series of attacks, you will be able to take him down for good.

Death Toll
You don’t need to worry about the charge running out as the whole section is in lightening. So you can feel free to use any attack against those annoying Ice men. Follow the Ice general to the reach the tower at the centre of Gas works area.

Avoid any other enemies you face during the chase . You will find that the core there is covered with ice. You need to find three valves now. One is under the bridge to the northwest direction. Second is on the southeast side, on a walkway slightly lower than the first on the tower.
For the third valve, proceed to the top most platform.

Grab the core now. Wait a minute, who will with a large group of Icemen lead by a Titan? You will, but not all of them; only the Titan. You can avoid rest as you collect the core. Unlimited electric supply will serve as a good source against Titan. Collect the core to conclude the mission.

The Final Piece
It’s simple. All you need to do is Fire an Ionic storm to complete this small mission.

The Final Decision
The decision is based on your karma. You should have either bad or good karma filled meter. If you want to go for good karma completion, heal the wounded or complete some side quest. For bad karma, do the opposite and kill the wounded instead of healing . If you are good, you will choose Nix and if you are evil you will have to go with Kuo.

Good Karma (Nix)
Time to take on a beast. You will have to travel a bit though before you can confront it. Start throwing everything you have on it. You can recharge near the substation. Kuo will appear once you have taken half of it’s life. Pop as many grenades as you can to get rid of her at least for some time.

Back to the beast and after some more damage, you will be prompted to use the ionic storm. Follow the way point to the tower and after the cutscene, you will have a new bolt power. A couple of more bolt shots at the beast and victory will be yours.

What about Kuo? She will appear once again. Hold all 4 buttons to activate RFI and conclude the story line being a good guy.

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