Infamous 2 Gets Free UGC Vehicles Pack and Search Function

Brace yourself with the new UGC Vehicles Pack and Search Function.

Playstation Blog today updated with the details on the first of many UGC content packs but the article was instantly removed, not sure the reason but here are the details.

The first UGC content pack gives you access to the vehicles from the single-player missions of inFAMOUS 2: Bertrand’s Limo, Bertrand’s Semi-Truck, the New Marais Police Car, the Ambulance, and a bike. You can use the vehicles in many ways while creating the new missions, so I would leave your imagination to do the rest.

Along with the free UGC Vehicles Pack comes an interesting new feature, that is the ability to search the UGC missions, you can ever search the PSN user names and that would bring the missions created by them. If you are starting out on UGC level editor, check Infamous 2 UGC Guide.

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