In Spider-Man PS4, Peter Parker Might Work For Tony Stark

A few days ago, the five first minutes for Spider-Man PS4 have been revealed to the public at VK Fest in St. Petersburg and since then fans have been digging deep into the footage. An easter egg found in a scene, featuring Peter Parker’s room, might point out to him working – or wanting to work – for Tony Stark.

Reddit user “xshravyx” has been patient enough to capture a  screenshot from the Spider-Man PS4 footage shown at VK Fest, which shows the desk of Peter Parker. Amidst the “paper chaos”, the user managed to zoom into a specific post-it note that read “call T.S. back re: job offer”. This could easily refer to Tony Stark, aka Ironman, since the two characters were sharing a unique bond in the Avengers movie, released a few months ago.

As many sources point out about Peter Parker in Spider-Man PS4, his job is being kept a secret. Why is that though? According to the writers, his job is a spoiler and that’s why we’ll have to stick with a generic description for now. All we know is that, in the game, Parker has already graduated from college and gone on to become a budding scientist.

This doesn’t have to be a major spoiler for Spider-Man PS4, however, how cool would it be to see interactions of Spidey and Iron Man in the game? This is the first high-end Marvel title we’ve seen in a long time and since its universe is now tied and twisted in all sorts of ways, it seems only natural for easter eggs like these to exist.

Ironman doesn’t have a standalone video game title on current generation consoles (there was Iron Man for PlayStation 3) so he can make an appearance in Spider-Man PS4 without legal issues for Insomniac Games. We’ll have to wait a bit to find out if this easter egg has some deeper meaning though, since the game releases this September, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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