Importing Hearthstone Decks Will Soon Be Possible

Unlike other popular free-to-play card games, we have so far only been able to recreate Hearthstone decks through a manual approach. While copying off a website is still relatively simple enough, asking friends or random players to share their unique decks can be a painstaking procedure.

Blizzard has heard our pleas and is finally giving the community the much-needed ability to import Hearthstone decks by adding a new “copy” button to the in-game window. The feature will save the deck to the operating system’s clipboard, ready to be pasted in any document reader or text field. For example, pasting into notepad will look like this:

The highlighted strip of text at the bottom is a unique code that can be used to share and create the specific deck. It will likely force third-party websites to start using copy-codes for online deck-building applications.

“When you go to create the new deck, Hearthstone will “know” when you’ve got a valid decklist on your clipboard, so you’ll be asked if you’d like to create a new deck with the one you’ve got copied,” explained Blizzard on the official website. “Then you can watch your new deck be built before your eyes.”

The functionality of importing Hearthstone decks is not the only quality of life change arriving in the future. The developer also confirmed that players will be able to complete their quests by brawling against friends. This will be welcoming news for the more casual group of players, who love to come online just to play cards with their friends. Getting gold from completing quests at the same time is a nice feature to have.

Both the deck-importing and quest-completing features will be part of the next Hearthstone update, scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks. More details will arrive in the coming days.

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