Immortals: Fenyx Rising Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation Guide

In this Immortals: Fenyx Rising Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation guide, we will help you navigate through Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation in the “A New God“ DLC. We will detail the solutions to all the obstacles and puzzles to make getting through this trial and obtaining its’ rewards easy.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation

When Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation starts, go straight down the path, and interact with the console to activate the puzzle. You need to solve it to activate the platform that will help you jump across the gap.

To solve the puzzle, you need to jump on the second last round platform on the right and then the second one. Finally, jump on the last one to activate the jump assisting platform. Use it to jump to the next area.

Enter the structure and go all the way to your left to activate another puzzle.

There will be six round platforms here; jump on the second one on the right, the third one in the middle and then below the third one of the first platform you jumped on.

Now go back to the entrance and then all the way to your right; this time to solve another puzzle.

In the same manner above, remember the flashes shown on the flower structures and then jump on the corresponding platforms.

Now you can head straight from the entrance, up the steps on your left and then go right. Look behind to activate another puzzle here.

Pillars with flower flashing structures will rise and will achieve three different heights. Remember the sequence and turn around to solve the gods statue puzzle.

The highest pillar represents the third platform against the respective god structure and accordingly, the other heights represent the corresponding platforms. Their sequence is:

  1. Last Platform on the right side
  2. First Platform on the left side
  3. Last platform on the middle side.

After solving the three puzzles, you can now jump across the huge gap onto the next area. Go all the way straight, pass the tree and you will find another puzzle.

Activate the puzzle and wait for the diamond structures to flash. Now jump on the round platforms in the following sequence

  • 2nd one on the right
  • 2nd one on the left
  • 3rd one on the right
  • 1st one on the left

This will solve the puzzle and now you can enter the door into the area containing the treasure chest. Open the chest to obtain Charon’s Coins.

Now you will obtain an optional objective where you must retrieve the golden relic.

Follow the path back to the tree and beyond that tree, you will see a chest, open it to obtain the Bow of Trials. This will end this quest.