Immortals Fenyx Rising Trial of Hermes Guide

In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Trail of Hermes Guide, we will walk you through the new trial that came with A New God DLC of Immortals Fenyx Rising. We will also be uncovering all of the chests inside the Trial of Hermes.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Trial of Hermes

Once you head inside the trial, go down the stairs until you reach the edge and then glide towards the next platform, which can be seen in the distance, below your current position.

Keep moving forward as you jump and vault the wall in front of you. Now go through the red barrier and glide towards the next platform that has 3 fountains coming out of it.

Use the wind stream to gain height and boost yourself to the platform above you. Now, interact with the lever to open the gate and you will be welcomed by a group of enemies.

After you deal with the enemies, the gate will open and now you have to take 5 wind streams consecutively to move forward.

You will also need to use your boost jump to scale any walls in your way and then you will reach another gate. Push the lever to open the gate.

A 3-headed mutt awaits. Defeat the doggo and his companions to move forward. Before you jump off the platform, there is a chest on the left side for you to open. Use glide & jump combos to reach the other end of the cavity.

Now you have to stick to the left and ride the wind streams while you go through tight spaces in the walls.

Eventually, you will see a red barrier. Go through it to jump on the next wind tornado and then go through the very next red barrier.

Now look back and glide on top of the wall (this is the same wall that had the last red barrier).

You will then see a platform above you which has a big tree. Climb that platform and you will see your next platform in the distance.

Location of the Stamina Chest
To make this jump, fly upwards as soon as you jump to gain maximum elevation and then glide/boost jump your way to the platform.

You might have to use a forward dash at the end if you are about to fall.

Head inside the small building and open the Stamina Chest inside. Now that you have collected the stamina chest, Fall & Die!

Home Run
You will respawn on a platform. Keep moving forward as you go across the red barrier and take the wind stream towards the next set of barriers and wind streams which will eventually lead you to a green platform on the left.

The next green platform is behind you. Make it across and then you have to make a final tricky jump.

You will have to use jump dash and forward dash to reach the edge of the wall. Climb up and run towards the top of the stairs to open the chest and finish the trial.

That is all we have on the Trials of Hermes that came with the latest DLC of Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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