Immortals Fenyx Rising Phosphor Questline Walkthrough

This guide will be focused on how to complete the Phosphor Questline in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Completing this quest will unlock the Down in Flames.

This guide will be focused on how to complete the Phosphor Questline in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Completing this quest will unlock the Down in Flames achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Phosphor Questline

You will have to complete 4 quests and a two parts Boss Fight. Below you will find a walkthrough for the Phosphor Questline and the boss fight.

Bolt from the Blue

Go to the Valley of Eternal Spring and pick up the Ambrosia. This will activate your first quest, Bolt from the Blue. Follow the quest marker to start the quest.

You have to find the Seed of the Dead to feed the injured bird. This seed is marked on your radar.

Follow the marker and get the seed back to the bird. A cutscene will be played when you get back to the injured bird.

The Name of Love

Your next quest, The Name of Love, requires you to solve a puzzle. Head to the marked area and stand on the gold circle.

Simply reach the quest location and come across a square area with few tracks along with structures on the sides. You’ll find the circle at the far end of the area; stand on it to Light the brazier at the middle.

The main objective here is to light two braziers secretly kept in the two structures.

In order to light the brazier on your right, you’ll have to use your Apollo’s Arrow. Now, shoot your arrow through the blue fire in front of you and guide it to the right tower.

Now pick up the big block from near the right tower and place it on the blue rectangular-shaped area thus, stopping the laser on the right of the area.

Do the same with the left block and push it through the track. Once done, you can now collect the clue and get on the next quest of Phosphor’s questline.

Eagle Eye

When the cutscene ends, head towards the Eagle Eye quest. You will face Godly Griffin Lieutenant boss there. Note that this is not the final boss fight of the quest since there’s still one to come at the end.

He will be airborne for the whole boss fight. To reach him, you have to double jump and use a heavy attack to launch you upwards.

Griffin circles around you throughout the fight. You can use Phosphor’s abilities and shoot your bow as well.

Keep attacking him mid-air and launching upwards to stay close to him. When his health is halved, he will flee, and that will be the first part of the boss fight.

Make sure to stay out of range when Griffin turns red, which indicates that it’s ready for its shriek attack. Also, you need to watch out for its diving charge attack. Simply dodge it to avoid it.

You will get a clue and a key to where the treasure is hidden and can start the next quest in the Phosphor questline.

A Debt Repaid

Track the A Debt Repaid Quest on your map and head there. In this quest, you must finish two main puzzles before starting the final boss fight.

Jump into the Tartaros and solve the first puzzle. In this puzzle, you must carry three boxes (1 wooden and 2 metallic) and place them on the blue platforms to block the lasers above them.

The best strategy is to place one of the metal boxes on the left platform while the other on the right one. This will deactivate the central lasers. Once the lasers are gone, grab the wooden box and place it on the switch.

Now, glide to the other platform where you have to complete the second puzzle. Activate the pillars to spawn the boxes.

In the second puzzle, you’ll find three more boxes, but the only difference is that there’s only one metal box this time.

Continue switching the metal box and placing it with the wooden box on the platform, making sure your timing is accurate since you’ll have to place the boxes at the same time.

The best strategy for this puzzle is to put the metal box and wooden on the left platform, get rid of the metal box, place it on the platform in the northern area, and put the wooden box on the southern platform (same position).

Once that’s done, you’ll glide to the next area where you will find the treasure, but the Godly Griffin will be protecting it. This is where the second part of the boss fight starts.

His health will be half empty, and it will only take you to land a few hits on him before he is finished.

Again, by using the same technique, double jump in the air and keep hitting him. When you’re about to fall, use your heavy attack to propel upwards.

After he is defeated, you will collect your treasure and earn the Down in Flames achievement/trophy.

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