How to Defeat Corrupted Heroes in Immortals Fenyx Rising

This guide will be focused on how to defeat all four of these Corrupted Heroes in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and unlock the Ultimate Armor.

There are four Corrupted Heroes in Immortals Fenyx Rising that you will have to defeat in order to get the Ultimate Armor.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Corrupted Heroes

The four Corrupted Heroes are Atlanta, Achilles, Herakles, and Odysseus. When you enter the region where the boss is located, you will be attacked by wraiths.

Defeating these wraiths will reveal the Wraith Lair where the boss fight takes place.

Atlanta Corrupted Hero Boss Fight

You will have to focus on two enemies in this boss fight, Atlanta and her bear pet. The bear will be your top priority, as Atlanta herself will not commit to melee combat.

She will be shooting arrows at you from far but you can easily dodge the arrows.

Focus on the bear and use heavy attacks to stun it for a short period. When it is stunned, keep attacking it to finish him off.

The bear uses a charge attack and its claws. Getting hit will damage you badly. Keep dodging its attacks and stun it to win this fight.

After the bear has been defeated, target Atlanta. She is somewhat weaker than her bear pet and can be easily taken down.

Get close to her so that she does not shoot her arrows and spam attack her. She will try to dodge your attacks and get away from you, but don’t let that happen.

If you get too close to her, she will use a sweep attack with her bow. Jump over the bow and use a heavy attack.

She will get stunned when her health bar is halved. Use this period to damage her as much as you can. Keep repeating this tactic and the fight will be over in a few minutes.

Achilles Corrupted Hero Boss Fight

Achilles is a Knight Warrior that expertise in medium and close-range combat. He wields a spear that he can throw from a long distance or sweep attack when he is near his opponent.

You can block his light attacks whereas his heavy attacks cannot be blocked. You will need to dodge his heavy attacks.

A perfectly timed block will stun him for a short period. Keep attacking him in this period to deplete his health bar and win this fight.


Herakles is a caveman with enormous size and little to no agility. His attacks cannot be blocked. You can only dodge his attacks.

He smashes his club in the ground that does damage in a small circle near him. One of his attacks is him diving straight into the ground.

Before he attacks, his body will start turning red. Use this period to get away from him. When the attack ends, it takes him a while to recover.

This will be your queue to get close to him and start attacking. Keep doing this and you will be done with him after some beating.


Odysseus uses black magic in his favor to teleport from one place to another and make clones of himself.

He spawns a sword that he can shoot with from a distance and use in melee combat.

When he makes clones, only he can attack you and not his clones. The clones will have less hp than him that you can easily destroy. His clones will only follow you around and weaken him when you destroy them.

Another one of his attacks is him jumping into a portal and charge attack you out of nowhere. Look out for him and dodge his attacks.

Upon successfully dodging all three charges, he will fall to the ground. You will be able to damage him enough in this period to take a massive chunk out of his health.

Unlocking Ultimate Armor

Upon successfully beating all four of the Corrupted Heroes, head to the Goddess of Wisdom and interact with the Secret Door.

Doing so will play a cutscene. When it ends, go near the golden beam of light and you will have unlocked the Ultimate Armor.

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