Monster Hunter World Iceborne Elder Recess Treasure Locations

This guide lists the location of all ten treasure you can find in Elder Recess in Monster Hunter World Iceborne to complete your collection

Are you on the hunt for treasure in Monster Hunter World? Well then you are in the right place as we have compiled the complete locations list of all the treasure you can find in the Elder Recess area of Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Of course like other treasure hunts, you need to be level 6 with the local Grimalkyne tribe, which in this case would be the Gajalaka.

Iceborne Elder Recess Treasure Locations

So without further ado, let’s get started with the treasure hunt locations guide for Monster Hunter World. Of course, as we mentioned before, we are going to assume you are already level 6 unity with the Gajalaka and have acquired their Palico gadget before you start this treasure hunt.

Treasure #1
You will have to go to the place that you once visited during the main story while entering Elder’s Recess the first time from camp 1 and you will find this treasure.

Treasure #2

You will have to the southeast of area 5. This treasure is hidden in that corner.

Treasure #3
You will have to go where Urgagaan naps in area 6 to find this treasure using the hints.

Treasure #4
You can find the first part of this treasure near camp 8, from there you have to use the crawlspace and use the vines to drop down and discover it. Then you will to go to area 3 where you fought Kushala Daora in the arena where Bazelgesue naps and get this treasure.

Treasure #5
You will have to go to area 10 and reach the southwest corner. The treasure spot is at the south edge after to take the north path and get to the southeast corner.

Treasure #6
You will have to go to area 4 from the first hint. But you will have to go to area 2 to find the treasure at the crossroads.

Treasure #7
You will get a hint in area 3 if you check the red crystals. You will find this treasure where Kushala Daora naps at the top of this region in area 4 in the middle of the platform.

Treasure #8
You will lead to area 9 at its north edge by the first hint but the treasure is in area 14 within its west wall.

Treasure #9
You will be led to the border to area 7 and 11 by the first hint, then you will have to go south towards the southwest corner of area 11 and get the next hint. The treasure would be inside area 7 on its south edge.

Treasure #10
Get to the Gajalaka lair and then head north. After you enter area 15, the next hint will present itself to you at a bonepile.

After you find the hint above, the next hint is in area 12’s southwest corner. The treasure is present in the Gajalaka lair in area 16 at the beehive.

These are all the treasures found in Elder’s Recess. If we missed anything let us know. Have fun playing.

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