How to Craft Composites in Icarus

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about how to craft composites in Icarus, how to get material processors and how to use them.

How to Craft Composites in Icarus

In Icarus, there are different tiers of crafting levels that you can get to and craft different items at different levels. At Tier 4, you can craft composites. Crafting them will require the Material Processor.

What is the Material Processor

The Material Processor is a Tier 4 item from which Prospectors will be able to produce materials. It also allows resource precursors more rapidly thanks to its planned crafting framework.

It is one of the most expensive but important items in the game and will require you to grind really hard for it.

You will need to unlock the Material Processor blueprint in order to unlock the rest of Tier 4 crafting benches and other items. The Material Processor is used to make composites, which is an important resource for crafting many useful items in Icarus.

How to get Material Processor in Icarus

In order to get your hands on the Material Processor, you will first need to reach at least level 30. You will also need to get your hands on the Fabricator, and the following materials to craft the Material Bench.

  • 30x Aluminum Ingot
  • 8x Titanium Ingot
  • 80x Electronics
  • 12x Steel Screws
  • 8x Carbon Fiber

How to use Material Processor

Once crafted, you can use the Material processor to craft Composite paste and Composites.

How to Craft Composite Paste

In order to craft composites, you will need Composite paste. Composite paste requires the following crafting materials.

  • 2x Iron Ore
  • 1x Silica Ore
  • 1x Organic Resin
  • 1x Gold Ore

Once you have the composite ore, use the Electric Furnace to craft Composites. Composites require 1x Composite ore to be crafted.

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